US couple have their dream cannabis wedding


by Staff writer

Activists and entrepreneurs have found ways to “weedify” multiple products and services, including weddings now.

Oakland-based couple Dani Geen and Zak Walton recently had their dream wedding in California and it was all full of weed.

At the weed wedding that took place on Thursday at Stewart’s Cove, a countryside beach near Carmel, south of San Francisco, the bride wore white.

The Pacific Ocean lapped at the altar while a violinist played Elvis Presley’s Can’t Help Falling in Love.

Dani Geen and Zak Walton raise their glasses to years of weeded bliss while showing off their weed-inspired rings.

A table by the altar had all the accoutrements: pots of cannabis concentrate, a torch lighter to heat it up, and glass vessels known as rigs, through which they inhaled the vapour.

Cannabis-based snacks laid out for hungry guests.

The family and friends who sat before them minded not a bit. This, after all, was a weed wedding and most of them had also ingested.

It was cannabis that brought the sweethearts together because they started out as smoking buddies, said Walton, who works on cars.

“One thing led to another and here we are 12 years later,” he added.

He uses the herb to ease backache and Geen, 31, uses it for fibromyalgia, tumours and other conditions.

“Cannabis has been my medicine and my saviour,” she said. Not to mention her employer: she works for Harborside Health Center, a medical cannabis dispensary.

She wanted her wedding to show that cannabis could be classy – integrated into decor and menus, with the reception hosted at Monterey’s Victorian-era Perry House – and safe, with controls to keep it away from children.

Upon being declared husband and wife, Zak Walton and Dani Geen inclined their heads, puckered their lips, closed their eyes and took long, deep puffs of potent cannabis, writes Rory Carroll of the Guardian.

A bridesmaid holds a bouquet containing cannabis buds. Some guests said the weed helped de-stress them.

“The psychic effect you get from it is very calming. Dani and Zak want to be on the same spectrum going into their matrimony,” said their wedding planner, Melissa Cunningham.

Walton, 30, savouring his first minutes of married life with a joint alongside bridesmaids and groomsmen, all smoking, said: “I’m feeling good. Nice and relaxed, medicated.”

The high did not addle the wedding officiant’s brain and she led the ceremony fluidly, without any prepared notes, and made a quip about the the couple loving and honouring each other “till dab do them part”.

The “Dab Bar” at the wedding reception.

Dabbing is the term for heating a dose of cannabis concentrate on a hot surface and inhaling it through glass.

The entire wedding was also legal; California voters approved recreational marijuana last November, a landmark victory in the fight for legalisation that has paved the way for the largest commercial pot market in the US.


Source: The Guardian

Picture Credit: Robert Gumpert of the Guardian.

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