Skoochies – The new popular party drink in Lagos!

by Staff writer

Skoochies (also spelt scoochies) is a local cocktail of alcohol and weed.

Skoochies is becoming increasingly popular in Lagos parties. Fresh reports now show the cocktail is served in almost all young-people parties in Lagos, including ones held by celebrities.

How skoochies is prepared:

a. Marijuana is boiled in water for about 15 – 25 minutes.

b. Mix one part each of the following in a mixing bowl: gin, fresh lime juice and cranberry juice.

c. In the absence of cranberry juice, zobo can substitute.

d. Finally, pour in the resultant marijuana tea from boiled marijuana to complete the mixture.

e. Add crushed ice to about three-fourths of the glass and start serving.

Health dangers of skoochies

Skoochies has the same intoxicating power as most strong cocktails.

Surprisingly, skoochies is actually healthier than most other “street cocktails” served in Nigerian parties.

A lot of research has proven that drinking marijuana tea is a lot healthier than smoking it.

Unlike smoking marijuana, the tea is not inhaled through the lungs and thus does not contain the risk of developing long-term lung problems, such as cancer and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD).

Drinking marijuana tea may also relieve anxiety and reduce symptoms of nausea and chronic pain.

Another good thing about taking skoochies is that it doesn’t give that horrible stench of alcohol. You can drink skoochies all night and nobody will tell you have been drinking.

Tips for safe consumption of skoochies

i. Depending on your tolerance level to alcohol, do not take more than 2 glasses of skoochies in one night.

Alcohol tolerance increases with body weight. A healthy and fit 250-pound person may safely consume up to 7 – 10 glasses of skoochies in one night and suffer no bad effects from the alcohol.

ii. Do not drink skoochies if you intend to drive or operate heavy machinery.

iii. Drink only in the presence of friends you trust.

iv. Do not drink on an empty stomach.

If you drink alcohol on an empty stomach, the alcohol passes directly into your bloodstream.

Having food in your stomach at the time of drinking alcohol will slow down the absorption of alcohol.

Eating before drinking can slow down the alcohol’s effect on you and reduce your chances of getting messily drunk.

v. Do not make important life decisions when under the influence of alcohol.

vi. Do not take skoochies if you are pregnant, or have any serious health condition, especially diabetes and depression, or if your doctor has warned you about taking alcohol in the past.

The correct name of skoochies.

As at this time, skoochies still remains a Nigerian lingo.

Several variants of the word exist, such as:

a. Skuchiez

b. Skushes

c. Skushies

d. Skushi

e. Scoochies, etc.

Until the word is adopted into a recognized English dictionary, any of these variants can be used to refer to the same drink.

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