Hello my DNB Peeps! How una dey? So last week, my talk was pulled down because of a complaint we got, which we now think we shouldn’t have anyway. Much as we want to appear all social and tush [permit me to use this word, I like it] truth is, […]


by Zeus A married woman entered a pharmacy. She walked to the pharmacist. She looked straight into his eyes and said, ‘I would like to buy a fast-killing poison for humans.’ Bewildered, the pharmacist asked, ‘Why, madam? What do you need the poison for?’ The lady replied, ‘I need it […]


by Daniel Nkado I’m a murderer. I have killed. Not one. Three. Three boys, I shot them all, and I do not regret it. Not a single bit. Nothing is more freeing than revenge, I now know. I am here now, incarcerated and soon to die, but all I feel […]


SEVEN Ahanna told him his rent has expired. He did not allow his shock to settle on him before he continued. He told him he needed someone to stay with, someone hardworking and trustworthy, someone like him, so that they could work hard together and pay the rent, since the […]


by Daniel Nkado My name is Ndubuisi. I first came to Lagos on October, 2008. A bank had called me for an interview. The closest relative I have in Lagos as at then was Obi, my childhood friend. Though we went to the same secondary school, he had gotten admission […]


by Staff writer One day, Bingo was chasing butterflies and strayed deep into the forest. Lost and scared, he wandered about aimlessly. Suddenly, he noticed a hungry-looking leopard heading in his direction. Bingo’s ears pulled back in fear. But he quickly thought up something. He saw some bones on the […]


by Daniel Nkado I once had a girlfriend. We called each other Bestie Poyoyo. We were in the same school, in the same class, lived in the same room. We were not too dissimilar in height and weight and we looked very alike. Maybe because we always wore the same […]