by Daniel Nkado She walked with a stoop, supporting her bent self on a tall stick. Her face abounds with wrinkles, folds and folds of aged skin. She wore always a wrapper, tied firm above her sagged breasts and allowed to flow down to her legs. There was one she […]


There lived this not-so-pretty lady in Orile. We called her Iya Kekere because of her height. I believe she was an Ijebu woman. She sold sweets and stuffs like that on our street. If Iya Kekere had any family, no one knows. She was a lone woman. But she always […]

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Femi Bello was a 300 level student of Economics in Kaduna State University, he had just finished his 2nd Semester exams with the hope of proceeding to his final year, graduating and supporting his mum in Abuja, who had lost her husband some 4 months earlier, after a protracted illness. […]


That was how I came to live on Lagos Island under the protection of Baba Ejiga. We slept on the streets, usually outside Baba Ejiga’s shack, while he frolicked inside with one of the many women who never seemed to tire of him. In the day, Michael and I prowled […]