by Staff writer Sometime in 2012, little Mary came to live with her Aunty in Somolu. Mummy just died and there was no other person to stay with than Aunty Esther. But the real truth is that little Mary wouldn’t have needed to make the long journey from Ekiti, her […]


Hello, DNB Mamas and Papas. First, we’d like to apologize for not posting a story yesterday. Our editors were too busy. Soon, we’d be needing to hire an additional hand. To always serve you better, there are little ways you can help us: *Tell your friends about DNB Stories *Leave […]


Survival The knock came again. ‘Who is that?’ Loveth said, a quivery hint to her voice. ‘April?’ a male voice came from outside. Loveth recognized the voice, but still opened the door with shaking hands. The door open, she threw herself into Harry. A slightly surprised Harry hugged her back […]


Moderator: Gloria It has really been a tough battle between two DNB Mamas: Madam Uju and  Madam Nana. Here is the voting result as sent in by our abled facilitator, Amos Gideon.  Total Votes = 29 Valid Votes = 25 Invalid Votes = 4 House of Hearts = 14 My […]


by Daniel Nkado It was past midnight, but Jane hasn’t slept one bit. The sounds wouldn’t allow her. She has turned the other way, pressed her ears into the pillow, but nothing worked. The very air around her seemed to vibrate from each sound. She was staring at her husband’s […]


TWELVE   Adaku was surprised to see so many people in the hall. She had come as early as 8, yet she met no free seat. She climbed a bench like other students at the back. She craned her neck, but still could barely make out the slim woman whose […]


We really would not want to give out much. All we got to say is that a new roommate is coming to town! Now the real question is, who is she and who is she going to replace? Which of the roommates didn’t make it out of the deadly triangle […]


by Diane B. DNB Love Stories are more suited for adults. ***    He was sitting at the edge of my bed. Most nights we talked in my room, or at a corner in the compound that housed the main building and the quarters. There were times we ‘gisted’ till […]