by Daniel Nkado It’s a dream I have been having for a very long time now. It is a sinful one, I know, but I’d rather dwell in it. Because I feel whole in it. I feel fulfilled in it. I know I can never find a man as perfect […]


by Daniel Nkado Young Bisi folded herself at the foot of the couch, watching her parents arguing again. Mr. and Mrs. Ojo argued often, and never in lowered voices. Now their voices rose the more and Bisi covered her ears with her hands. ‘You stupid man!’ Mrs. Ojo screamed. ‘You […]


TWO The rain has stopped. The bush path was narrow and lonely. The moon was only a dull crescent, its cloudy light barely able to cut a slice of the darkness. From the bushes nearby, disordered singing of nocturnal insects formed an ominous connection with the dense darkness. The tall […]


by Victor Uma Thinking you are the shyest guy in the planet? Wait till you see me. Fell into the gutter the first time I tried talking with a lady. She was one hell of a goddess, both in beauty and English, if you get what I mean. But then […]


ONE He may have lived long ago, but tales of him will hardly ever depart our hearts. They were tales every grandfather told to their grandchildren. Tales of an exceptional wonder. *** Dum! Dum-dum! Du-du-du! Dum! – The drums go off. Tutulu-lululu. Tutu- tulululu – The flutist thrills the night […]