FIVE Ikechukwu was leaving the site when his phone began to ring. Checking, he saw it was Chuka, his best friend. The phone to his ear, he said, ‘The man, what’s up?’ A pause. ‘Just leaving the site now, you?’ Another pause. ‘Oh ok, why not meet me up at […]


by Daniel Nkado I grew up listening to neither Michael Jackson nor Diana Ross. I was already 16 when we first had electricity. The loud buzzing of an alarm clock didn’t wake me each morning. The shrill cry of the rooster did. He was red-coloured and always on time. Mornings […]


by Daniel Nkado My younger brother means the world to me. I don’t know how. Or why. It’s just that way. Maybe because our mother loved him so much and he always appeared to be the thing she needs to be well and always smiling. I am the exact opposite […]


by Daniel Nkado Her skin is as dark as coalHer eyes black as tamarindNose straight and dividedLike the double gong Her hair grew thick and darkHer neck long and strongShe stands not a desiccated treeShe is full and edges rounded Her smiles are slight and complexHer gaze deep and penetrativeThere […]


by Jerry Uke Obinna rolled on his bed. His thoughts went so deep he wondered if he was going to get any sleep at all this night. The previous nights had been like this too—eyes open, begging sleep to come. His thinking now seemed to follow the same pattern every […]


by Daniel Nkado I can’t believe I’m writing this. But I am. Over the years there were so much I thought I could never do again—ever! There are so many books, articles, writings, that told me it was okay to feel frustrated, hurt, dejected, rejected, all sorts of terrible feelings. […]