People were milling about, rushing and hurrying in that relentless motion that defines Lagos, while I sat on the steps of the food seller’s shop and cried, turning my head from left to right and back again, hoping to see my mother materialise before me and ask why I was […]


My mother wanted to see the world, but I was like a noose around her neck, a piece of rope that tethered her to the village, a swollen foot that would not let her run with the wind and take flight. She used to sit outside my grandparents’ house, chin […]


Read The Village Girl – 1 here.   ONE   Anulika clapped again. ‘Nwamma!’ ‘Nwamma!’ She turned to the little boy playing with a toy car on the verandah floor. ‘Bia, Okechukwu, where is your sister?’ ‘She is sleeping.’ The boy did not look up from her toy. He placed […]


NINE She found herself in a strange forest. Strange but beautiful. Healthy trees were surrounded by a lush greenery. Sunlight flowed down in a gentle smoky gold. Whole white flowers filled everywhere with charm. Grace looked round, relishing the beauty of nature. But the moment was cut short by the […]

Good morning, DNB Fam. Today, we will find out Alex’s fate on The Other Side of Love. As with tradition, we normally post a hot short story on Saturday. Be sure not to miss it. Comedy stories and articles come on Wednesdays. On Monday morning, our Top Commenter of this month […]


EIGHT Grace picked one of the cushions and pressed it into herself. ‘Who and who were aware of this relationship?’ ‘Virtually nobody. We kept it entirely a secret.’ ‘So what happened next?’ Alex’s chest rose and fell in a deep breath. ‘She refused to have the abortion.’ ‘So? Why couldn’t […]

Following unrelenting requests for me to continue with a sequel to the well-acclaimed Mma Story – The Village Girl, I have finally decided to oblige. The Village Girl 2 – The Journey Back To Lagos will appear on DNB as soon as the ongoing story (The Other Side of Love) ends. […]