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DNB Stories
owns EXCLUSIVE rights to all its stories. Our stories MUST not be
copied whether in part or full to be published elsewhere, or reproduced
on any platform without prior permission from Daniel Nkado.

Very short stories go here!

This World Is Nothing!

Teacher Okosisi

My Mother’s Hair

At St. Peter’s College

Before Grandma Died!

The Running Man

What Death Feels Like…

So Tired!

Scholastica’s Pain

If I Should Die


Mama Africa

The Switch



Keeping Up With The Kardashians
Abortion Gone Sour

A Crazy World

The Talking Tree

My Dear Husband


At First Glance

Sister Kate and her Wandering Mind

The Flower Thief

Independence Day at Ginika’s Compound

The Community Breadwinner

What Ikenna Saw At The Udala Tree

Charles and The Wailing Forest

The Return

The Gods are Not to Blame

My Mother’s Dream


Akate and the Old Woman of the Forest



Ill Listening

At Rebecca’s Wedding

Hope Unlost

The Funny Atheist

What Bisi Should not Know


NYSC: A Jungle of Experience

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