50 cute names to call your Nigerian girlfriend

Whether a new relationship or one that has lasted, cute pet names can work magic in your affair. If you are looking for cute names to call your girlfriend, then you’ve landed at the right place.

Find from the list of selected cute names below the perfect pet name that suits your girlfriend’s personality.

Here are 25 cute names to call your Nigerian girlfriend:

Romantic names for your girlfriend:

1. Sugar

2. Baby G

3. My heart

4. Heartbeat

5. Pumpkin

6. My All

7. The one

8. My one and only

9. Sugar pie

10. My Angel

Sweet names for your girlfriend:

11. My Sweet Jollof

12. Mine

13. Nkem (If she is Nigerian)

14. My Love

15. My Cupcake

16. My apple

17. My lollipop

18. Honeypie

19. Sweet potato

20. Baby Girl

Beautiful cute names for your girlfriend:

21. Yum Yum

22. Yummy bites

23. My lover

24. Mine alone

25. Kitty girl

26. Treasure

27. Diamond

28. Queen of my heart

29. My destination

30. My rib

Lovely names for your girlfriend:

31. Sugarplum

31. My heaven

32. Chikito

33. My sunshine

34. My dove

35. GAMH (Girl After My Heart)

36. The only one

37. My Angel

38. My superwoman

39. Sweetie

40. Sweetheart

Gorgeous names for your girlfriend:

41. Dollface

42. My future wife

43. My pearl

44. Golden one

45. Muffins

46. My Soulmate

47. Honey Bunny

48. Pancakes

49. My beloved

50. Teacup

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