6 sure ways to know a Nigerian man really loves you

Nigerian men are a special breed of men, mostly in a good way. The trend of what is now known as the “Nigerian man fantasy” which loosely translates to the desire to date a Nigerian man has been growing over the years, and for good reason.

The belief that Nigerian men know how to take care of their women has become so widespread it is slowly taking the shape of a fact.

Sadly, this article is not about what makes Nigerian men so special that everyone seems to be craving them – this post, instead, is to explore the different ways you can know for sure that the Nigerian man you have wholeheartedly given away your heart to feels the same way you feel.

Here are six sure ways to know that your Nigerian man really loves you:

1. He claims and constantly announces you

When a Nigerian man sees the woman he likes, everyone will know. Nigerian men can be overly protective of the women they love and one of the easiest ways to let others know he has taken you is by constantly announcing you. You can evaluate this from the way he introduces you to his friends.

2. He creates a special pet name for you

Petting is one of the sweet ways Nigerian men show love. Through petting, a Nigerian man will make you feel like the most beautiful woman on earth. Some women will testify that their esteem was at its peak when they were with a Nigerian man. One of the first things you notice after a Nigerian man has declared his love for you is that he will create a special nickname for you – a sweet way to make his woman feel special. Some of the names Nigerian men call their women can be found in this post.

3. He wants you around him

No matter how busy he is, a Nigerian man that truly cares about you will make out time for you. Some Nigerian men are dating women living in other states than them but their partners rarely complain because they always make out time to be with them.

4. He frequently buys you gifts

Most Nigerian men are born with innate “provider instincts” and they tend to show their love for a woman by a good display of generosity. They show this trait even in the early stages of life – remember those stories of teenage boys stealing their mother’s jewellery to give to their love interests at school. A Nigerian man that truly loves you will constantly remind you of his affection for you with little acts of kindness.

Another important thing to note is that Nigerian men appreciate women who are independent and don’t make frequent demands. That way, their acts of kindness towards you comes with an element of surprise each time. Nigerian men love that feeling. Bearing this in mind, it will be nice to cut down on how you make demands, otherwise, he will begin to get the feeling that you are just after what he can give you and his value for you will drop.

5. He tells you the truth easily

One very bad character of Nigerian men is that they can lie a lot. So imagine a Nigerian man, born to the special breed of men who are rarely honest, sharing intimate details of his life with you. That’s a super good sign that he really cares about you. For instance, if a Nigerian man that loves you somehow cheats, he might try to come clean about it even without you asking.

6. He allows you to meet his mom

Emphasis on MOM. Most Nigerian men share a special bond with their moms. In fact, if a Nigerian man introduces you to his mom, it is the first sign that he is serious about the relationship. Even ones without moms will easily have another person they share a similar relationship with.


Are you currently dating a Nigerian man or married to one? Share your experiences with us in the comment section.

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4 Comments on “6 sure ways to know a Nigerian man really loves you”

  1. I am a Nigerian and I have never met a Nigerian man with up to half of these qualities.

  2. I’m dating a Nigerian man in Los Angeles for the past 3 months. He was born in London, England and spent the first 15 years of his life there (his parents are originally from Nigeria but moved to London for education purposes and started their family there).

    After 15 years, the family moved back to Nigeria and he stayed there for 10 years before going back to London for education purposes also. From there, he moved to the US and has been here since. He has a British accent.

    I do see that he does have some Nigerian culture qualities though. He does seem to expect the man to be head of the household, however, he does it in a polite and non-controlling way. His previous relationship was with a Brazilian woman who broke up with him after 5 years because she wanted to pursue her career and not be in a relationship at the time (He is 52 and she was 38).

    He was very much in love with this girl and when I met him, he told me he wasn’t ready to jump into anything serious right away.

    So, after dating 3 months now, I have to say that I do enjoy the take-charge energy he has (very decisive and quick to take the lead, in a good way) but he’s also very sensitive and sweet too.

    So far, I really enjoy being with him and I hope things progress. I could see myself with him for the long haul.

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