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Married To A Lesbian

About Oshodi In Lagos State!

The Evil Spirits On The Road

When My Husband Told Me He Is Gay

Addicted To Sleeping With Married Women Story

The Ghost In The Tree

I Breastfed During A Job Interview

How I Lost My Virginity

How I was raped by two women!

How I Survive In Lagos

My Father Came To Me After He Died

The Day I Realized African Juju Is Real

Doctors Can Be Wrong!

Straight But Love Hugging Men

My Mother Almost Killed Me

My Home-Birth Story

Man Who Died From Adventure

Horrible Story of the Papin Sisters

The November I Nearly Died

The Most Tragic Event In My Life

First Anal Experience

A Ghost in the Room

Sad Story of the Hilton Sisters

My Long Battle With Cancer

The Secret I Share With My Stepfather

The Day I Decided I Have Had Enough

A Secret That I Have Never Told Anyone

How God Saved My Mum

The Life of My Father

My Little Dark Secret

How I Found Out My Wife Was Cheating

The Woman Who Saved Intersex Babies in Africa

My Experience With Nigerians

My Long and True Story

The Ghost Rapists of Bolivia

Most Tragic Event in my Life

“I am a house-husband and loving it”

The Clifford Orji Story

The Otokoto Ritual Killings of 1996!

My 7,000 Pounds!

The Unbelievable Life of Blanche Monnier
My Life, My Pain

My Memorable Lagos Trip

Sometime in 2008

On the Road to Church Today

How my Best Friend got the Dragon Title

My Computer Village Ordeal

A Visit to the Synagogue

My Own Case of Mistaken Identity

Fifteen Hours of Highness

The Sacrifice of the Altar

My Pride Is For My Daughter


An Antidote For My Brother-In-Law

Animals That Shouldn’t Come To DNB?


The Awkward Way I Met My Husband

Marrying Beatrice

One Week In Lagos

The Vanity Preacher

Temptation, Or Not?

My Weird Maid Experience

How I Learned to Become a Wife

When I Was In Asaba

The Prostitute Bride

A Tale of Two Deaths

What I Did To My Mother 

My Lesbian Encounter – Pt 1 

My Lesbian Encounter – Pt 2

I Need to Eat!

The Kind of Things that Happen in Nigeria

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