₦30,000 is roughly $75 dollars in today’s current exchange rate. The average monthly salary in Nigeria is within the range of ₦150K to ₦250K. ₦30K represents the lowest average monthly earning of a Nigerian worker – yet a shockingly large number of working Nigerians fall under this average. What’s more […]

A Ugandan girl Sharon Godwin who goes by the handle @AlumBaeOfficial on Twitter has narrated her encounter with Nigerian Twitter influencer and actor Ralph (@OmoIyaDammy). According to the story Sharon Godwin shared, she and Ralph were in a relationship when he visited her in Uganda on 18th of December, 2019. […]

A buxom Nigerian lady shared pictures of her rounded hips on Twitter and suddenly Dr Anu started trending. Why so? So here is the full gist. Apparently Dr Anu is the name of a Lagos-based doctor involved in breast and butt enlargements. Dr Anu has been at the centre of […]