The number of confirmed coronavirus cases in Africa has exceeded 1 million with experts saying the number may be way higher. Global health experts have said that the true number of Africa’s coronavirus cases may be several times higher, considering the continent’s poor testing and counting facilities. More than 22,000 […]

Nollywood actor Chris Bassey during a recent interview with Sun News talked about homosexuality in the Nollywood industry. Chris Bassey said the rate actors and filmmakers engage in homosexuality has become so high that it has become more common than the ‘sex-for-role’ situation. According to Chris Bassey whose full name […]

Chocolate cake is easily everyone’s favourite cake flavour – the few people that don’t like chocolate cake possibly either have not tasted it or are simply allergic to chocolate. That said, making chocolate cake might not be as easy as making other cakes. This is because, for chocolate cakes, texture […]