How I discovered my husband is GAY during the coronavirus lockdown

Real-life story shared my Ms Grace, penned by Daniel Nkado.

Some aspects of this story have been edited to reflect the content standards of DNB Stories!

Austin and I have been married for a little over two years now. All this time, I have never had any reason to doubt his orientation.

He never did anything utterly suspicious. He was a normal masculine guy who enjoyed his sports (not football but tennis) and never underperformed in bed. Well, maybe I shouldn’t be the perfect judge of that because I’d usually preferred intimate activities short, simple and stress-free.

And because I was completely romantically attracted to him, I’ve never had any reason to complain of him not satisfying me in bed. There were times he gave excuses why he didn’t want intimacy but he always made up for them in the coming days or weeks.

He would sometimes travel, to stay a day or two, for business. But this never caused an issue – I mean it’s normal that a normal working adult would sometimes stay away from home, isn’t it?

I’m just now beginning to realize that because there was freedom of movement then, he could go anywhere he wanted and hang out with anybody wanted. I wasn’t aware of those people he hanged with or any of those places he went. It wasn’t like I was monitoring him or anything like that.

But I guess with the recent lockdown law and its attendant restriction of movement, he was (obviously helplessly) stuck with me in the house for 14 whole days.

This meant I had enough time with him to notice things I previously might not have been noticing. Like the strange calls, for instance. Someone would call him, someone I was sure was another man, and they would be on the phone for a really long time not talking business or sports like most guys, but personal stuff like when last either of them had been intimate and things like that.

I could tell he too didn’t find discussing those topics with a fellow guy utterly normal from the way his voice always remained muted while on the phone.

Still, I never cared that much about the phone calls. We are dealing with a pandemic and it is enough to put people off their normal behaviour — I thought to myself.

I also then noticed that my husband was finding it difficult to keep up in the bed. I mean with the whole lockdown stuff, the need for congress and intimacy sort of rose up. My girlfriends, some of whom are also married, tell me how they have been doing nothing else other than being intimate and sleep and watch movies with their partners.

But Austin and I were not like that. I could always sense a feeling of hesitation each time I try to initiate the act. Or even try to kiss him for a long time. There was something else he was missing. Something not currently in our home that can only be found outside.

As a smart woman, I played things cool and avoided raising any suspicion or argument.

Until that night!

I had overheard my husband tell his caller on the phone to “call back in like an hour”. I quickly realized this was the time he hoped I would have been asleep.

So I gave him what he wanted. I slept off early, snoring away in feigned oblivion. I knew when my husband crept out of the room and entered the guest bathroom. I waited sometime before following him.

And there it was – all bare! My husband was in the middle of this steamy video-chat with one dude like that. They were showing each other their erect male organs and naked behinds and the man from the other end was telling my husband what he would do to him immediately the lockdown was over.

He told my husband he was going to “eat him hard” and my husband replied, “Yes baby!”

He told my husband he was going to give it to him hot and deep and my husband replied, “Damn baby!”

He then said, “I’m going to tap that, yea?” and to this, my husband screamed in ecstasy: “Oh damn it, Alex!”

In the morning I confronted my husband. He wanted to lie at the beginning but then he opened up and told me the truth.

“What are we going to do now?” I asked him.

“Can we at least wait till this coronavirus thing is over and we know if we are alive or dead?” he said.

I nodded. “Okay,” I said.

Surprisingly, I do not feel so gross. I mean it wasn’t like I caught him cheating with another woman. It was a different race here.

All those things that man from the video call was promising to do to my husband (which my husband clearly wanted), it wasn’t like I was capable of doing any of those to him. Not in any way he would have wanted.

So it was not a fair competition here. I lost even without trying, but with some pride and dignity!

I blame our government still. Just imagine the hundreds of thousands of women in my shoes in this country – whose husbands have been forced to live a lie just to stay free from the murdering tongues of society and the irrational penalty of the anti-gay law.


Real names were not used in this story.

Daniel Nkado is a Nigerian writer and the founder of

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14 Comments on “How I discovered my husband is GAY during the coronavirus lockdown”

  1. There are many people who are and have been in the same boat. I hope she reaches out to others who relate to having an LGBT spouses. She could contact Straight Spouse Network. It’s a great organization for helping people move forward in a healthy way.

  2. The reason she said that is because the law in many countries prohibit LGBT people from getting married and adopting kids so they dont have any choice than to marry the opposite sex

    1. Ya right Dre,,, thought as much.. a real GAY man has nothing to do with a’sdat strong.

  3. It’s not the government’s fault that your husband is bisexual, it is partially the government’s fault that we live in a society whereby he feels the need to hide who he is…

  4. Learning your spouse is gay and your entire marriage a lie is devastating. Those who haven’t survived it don’t understand. I highly recommend you contact the Straight Spouse Network (SSN),

    When I found out, SSN connected me to other survivors. It was the biggest step to healing you can take.

  5. The response of this woman is not the response of a normal married woman having problems with her husband. I sense this story is fake.

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