The struggle of being a man – share your story

This thread is for men, BUT women are allowed to contribute as long as it is relevant to the topic.

Black, white, mixed, straight, gay, bi, pan, etc., we all live different experiences as men.

It’s 2020 and a lot of male issues are still been largely ignored. Historically, men have been conditioned to go through their issues in silence and hardly would a male issue draw enough attention to get a good debate.

Men suffer too, from a lot of societal prejudices and bias, sometimes from the female gender, other times from the male gender as well. As men, we sometimes can be our own problem too.

We have been conditioned to see “speaking out” as an undesirable male trait. Some would call it “whining” – something a man would never be caught doing. We hurt ourselves each time we give in to society’s preconceived stereotypes of the male gender.

We hurt ourselves more each time we try too hard to be men, to prove something that was never meant to be in doubt in the first place. Each time we let our true selves go because society has prescribed to us a WAY TO LIVE! Each time we try to take from others, because we feel some illusory power that has never been there – EVER!

See this as part of the start of a new beginning. VOICE OUT your most difficult struggles in living as a man in your various communities.

If you are a woman wanting to contribute, say what you feel about the way males live, from your own personal viewpoint.


The best stories will get a full-page feature on DNB Stories.

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  1. I don’t like the fact that every woman thinks all men are rapists and must have raped a woman once in their lives. SAD

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