5 reasons you are clueless if you support anti-gay laws in Africa

by Daniel Nkado

Misconceptions and ignorance drive homophobia in Africa. This is why the more educated and informed people are, the less homophobic they become.

Here are 5 reasons that prove people supporting the anti-LGBT laws in Africa are clueless:

1. The loss is 100% yours

You see a poor, unemployed person boldly unsure of his future applauding the government for setting up anti-LGBT rights while developed countries are busy building a free environment for all groups to thrive.

In the UK, for instance, the term “Pink Pound” (it is called the Pink Dollar in the US) represents money that comes from the LGBT community. In 2019 alone, the purchasing power of LGBT adults was found to be approximately $3.7 trillion. This amount is expected to double or triple in the years coming. The GDP of Uganda in 2019 was just around $35 billion. You will now understand why all these countries with anti-gay laws are usually the poorest. The rest of the world is moving ahead while Africa is sleeping.

You have to see how companies celebrate their LGBT customers in the UK and other developed countries and how the government stays committed to ensuring that everyone’s rights are protected. In the end, these countries have more jobs, more foreign investments, more rich tourists visiting, less crime, more happiness, and it goes on…

2. Your own rights are not even secure

What better definition of cluelessness than this? Many Africans do not know that a fight for one group’s rights is a fight for the rights of all persons in the country. Your rights as a citizen are better respected by the authorities if everybody’s rights are protected. For instance, a country that upholds core women and LGBT rights will obviously have fewer incidences of police brutality or intimidation by government authorities. The freer a society is, the better the lives of everyone in it!

3. You are just a pawn in the game of corrupt politics

The uniformed citizens do not know that anti-gay laws are just weaponized political tools used by the government to distract citizens from the real issues. Sweating under a lack of electricity and basic infrastructure and you channel all your energy to hating gays. Yet the same leaders are building mansions in countries with LGBT rights. You have been played!

4. Your hate is only breeding more crime

This happens in several ways. There are groups who harbour so much hate and animosity for people of the LGBT community that they do not hesitate to intimidate, abuse, assault, steal from them or even kill them. Now you may see a news report like this where the victim is a gay or transgender person and applaud the criminals. What you have failed to realize is that criminals or murderers will remain who they are. And you live among them too. Today, it is the innocent gay person, but the next day it might be you, your brother, sister, mother, father, kids (etc) that gets assaulted, stolen from or killed. A culture of abuse and lovelessness is like rain; it will touch everyone.

Another way hate and discrimination cause more crime in countries with laws like this is that the law and security agencies get distracted. Policemen who are supposed to be focused on capturing actual criminals and eliminating crime in society are now busy chasing adults and who they decide to go out with. There is a shocking incident that happened in Nigeria where a thief after stealing from a gay person went and reported the gay person to the police and guess who was arrested? The victim. If you live in a society like this and think it is okay, then you deserve everything the government does to you.

5. You are most likely a hypocrite

If the amount of hypocrisy in Africa is exchanged for a grain of sand, we’d all been buried long ago! It’s crazy when you see rapists, child abusers and all kinds of criminals unite to condemn gay people. It’s also very funny that this set of people will never pass up the opportunity to leave Africa for countries where gay rights are respected if presented with it.


Daniel Nkado is a Nigerian writer and author. He is the founder of dnbstories.com.

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3 Comments on “5 reasons you are clueless if you support anti-gay laws in Africa”

  1. You feel you are more informed and civilized, to educate Africans on what they feel is right. The first point you mentioned gave you away as a lustful monger for lucre over morals.
    Africa is not willing and never willing to be pawns in the hands of spiritual altars called LGBTQ used today to depopulate the world and impose morals not acceptable to her. You are rather a propagator paid to spew and spin issues in such way as to justify argument based on rights. People like you would never have manifested as beings if LGBTQ was instituted from the beginning. Of all the things politicians do to Africans, it’s only the issue of LGBTQ that you felt matter most. I assure you that it’s rather the politicians that are doing their best to betray their citizenry on the issue of LGBTQ. They are forced to pass Anti-gay laws by the very strong Anti-gay opinions of the citizenry. If you’re resident in Africa(which I doubt), you should know this.

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