How A Gay Priest Raped Me Five Years Ago

Tobe shared this story.

This happened 5 or 6 years ago. I was in my third year in the university.

Coming from a very religious home, I was deeply involved in church activities while at school. I was a member of one of the most respected fellowships in church, headed then by the church priest himself.

He was quite well respected and considered very holy because of his kind and gentle nature. On many occasions, he has gone out of his way to help student worshippers. There were rumours of how he helps some students with paying their fees too.

Reverend John first noticed me the day he caught me sleeping in the middle of the fellowship meeting. He asked me to stand and I did. After a while (like about 5 minutes), he asked if my sleepy eyes have now cleared so he would let me sit.

I nodded and told him yes. He waved that I should sit back down. A few minutes, I was dozing again. He called my attention again and told me to go lean to the wall, standing. He was not particularly harsh – the situation created some form of humour that lightened the mood of the meeting. I was that way till the end of the meeting and we shared Grace.

After the meeting and everyone was leaving, he asked me to follow him. Inside his office, he remained jovial. He asked me why I was so sleepy – what I’d been doing the previous night that didn’t allow me to sleep.

“Nothing, we were just playing games,” I said.

“What kind of games?”

“On the TV.”

“You and your friends?”

“Yes, Reverend.”

He said okay and advised me to reduce staying up too late, especially on days I knew I’d be busy the next day.

I thanked him and stood to leave. He offered to walk me. On our way out, he started asking very personal questions like if I have a girlfriend and how often we sleep together. The questions sort of made me uncomfortable.

I told him I don’t have a girlfriend and he said he doesn’t believe me. “A fine boy like you?”

“I am not a fine boy-o,” I said.

“But you are. Truly. Look at your nose and lips.”

I pretended to be shy. I was actually super fine then, not now that my six-pack is no longer showing.

“Do you go to the gym?”



“Yes, Reverend.”

“How did you get this body then?”

“Nothing o, I just play ball with the boys that’s all.”

Outside the gate, he held out one hand for a goodbye handshake. I took his hand and noticed something. Two notes of a thousand naira were in his hand. I held the money and looked up at him.

“For your transport,” he said.

“Thanks, Reverend.”

He invited me to his house after school the next day. I didn’t think anything before leaving for his place that evening.

It was a clean and cosy apartment. Everything was in order. He offered me something to drink and then we moved to the dining to eat the rice and chicken he made. He demanded I pass the night but I protested. He insisted. Strongly.

I told him I didn’t have any change of clothes and he went inside and brought a shirt and a pair of brand new shorts. He led me to the bathroom so I could shower and brush my teeth. He gave me a new toothbrush and asked if I’d prefer to use warm water.

I said yes and he arranged for that. The weather was a little cold. 

Afterwards, I came back to the sitting room, smelling like a newborn baby. The soap I used must have been very expensive. We watched TV till late into the night. He gave me more wine as we saw the movie.

At around 11, I told him I was getting sleepy. He showed me the way into the room. He said he would join me later.

“Maybe I should sleep on the couch,” I offered.

“Don’t be ridiculous, Tobe, the bed is wide enough.”

It took about half an hour before he came to join me on the bed. I was already asleep but his noise awakened me. I shifted to the other end of the bed, hoping to be called up for a tense midnight prayer session.

Nothing of sort happened. Reverend pulled the bedsheet over us. It was a cold night and the fan was working.

After about 10 or 20 minutes, I noticed a hand on me. I shifted, just in case it was by mistake. But it wasn’t. It was an intentional touch because the hand started moving down on me. I waited to see the real intent. And boom – the hand was moving to my groin area. Strange.

I closed my legs but the hand was unrelenting. I held my legs tight, but he joined the other hand and managed to pull my legs apart and, in a matter of seconds, took my organ into his mouth. My resistance died a little as I tried to take in what was happening. Being honest, he did the job better than some women, taking everything deep into his throat and then pushing it back out again. But I wasn’t getting up. I snatched my organ from his mouth and got up.

He started begging, telling me how much he likes me and how much he cares about me. It was degrading, seeing him that way. Reverend John begging to have a man’s organ in his mouth.

“Please, Tobe, please.”

“I am not enjoying it,” I told him.

“Just wait, give me time, you will start enjoying it.”

I looked at his face. He looked mournful. I felt nothing but pity for him.

“Please, Tobe, please.”

“No, sir. I can’t.”

But he still didn’t listen. He held me again and the more I struggled the more power he used. He put my organ in his mouth again and this time was going so deep that I feared he might mistakenly swallow the thing down completely. It was surprising to see it was Reverend John doing this. Our saintly Reverend.

I allowed him to finish. He was jerking himself as he sucked. At one point I started getting up, from the act, not the performer. But it wasn’t my thing. I just wanted him to stop, but I was already tired of struggling with him. He came and finally stopped.

He knew, too, that what he did was wrong. Because in the morning his remorse hung over his head like hot steam. He apologized and gave me N5000 “for transport.” He said he was truly sorry and begged me not to tell anyone. He was on his knees until I promised him that I won’t tell anyone. And I did, in fact, keep to that promise.

But I never came back to that church again!


Daniel Nkado helped Tobenna pen down this story.

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