How many grandchildren does Steve Harvey have?

American author and comedian Steve Harvey is known for having a big family. The bestselling author and veteran TV host have seven grownup children in total – four from his first two marriages and the rest three he inherited from his marriage to his third and current wife Marjorie Harvey.

Harvey’s children are all grownups. In fact, his oldest kids – his twin daughters Karli and Brandi – are 40 years old as of the time of publishing this article.

Steve Harvey’s wives

Steve Harvey has been married thrice.

a. Marcia Harvey (1981 – 1994)

b. Mary Lee Harvey (1996 – 2005)

c. Marjorie Harvey (2007 – present)

List of Steve Harvey’s kids

a. Karli and Brandi Harvey

b. Broderick Harvey Jr.

c. Wynton Harvey

d. Morgan Hawthorne (née Harvey)

e. Jason Harvey

f. Lori Harvey

Steve Harvey’s big family.

About Steve Harvey’s grandkids

Steve Harvey has seven grandchildren in total, as of the time of writing. His adoptive son, Jason Harvey has four kids, his daughter, Karli Harvey has a son and his adoptive daughter, Morgan Hawthorne has two children.

Steve Harvey became a grandfather in 2014 with the birth of his first grandchild child – Rose Harvey.

List of Steve Harvey’s grandchildren

1. Rose Harvey

Rose Harvey was born to Jason and Amanda Harvey on June 19, 2014. She is 9 years old in 2023.

2. Elle Hawthorne

Elle Monroe Hawthorne was born on March 22, 2015, to Morgan and Kareem Hawthorne. She is currently 8 years old.

3. Noah Harvey

Noah Ellington Harvey was born on August 24, 2015, to Jason and Amanda Harvey. He is currently 7 years old.

4. Benjamin Raymond

Benjamin Troy Raymond II was born on June 16, 2016, to Karli Harvey and Benjamin Raymond I. He is 6 years old.

5. Ezra Harvey

Ezra Nehemiah Harvey was born to Jason and Amanda Harvey on September 5, 2018. He is currently 4 years old.

6. Marley Harvey

Marley Jean Harvey was born on September 1, 2020, to Morgan Harvey and her partner Kareem Hawthorne. She is currently 2 years old.

7. Joey Harvey

Joey Iris Harvey was born in 2020 to Jason and Amanda Harvey. She is currently 3 years old.

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