Mark Zuckerberg in Nigeria – All the Emotions!!!


by Zeus

Nigerian bloggers:

 Spray us some traffic, boss!!!


Nigerian celebrities:

He should do and go abeg, we don’t want competition


Nigerian market women:

No words!!!


Nigerian business men:

Get your original Mark-In-Naija T-shirt here


Nigerian politicians:

N100 Million should be approved for Mark Welfare Committee immediately


Nigerian wives to their husbands:

Are you still sitting down there? Go and make friends with him fast!


Nigerian job seekers:

Is Facebook recruiting?


Nigerian runs girls:

Oya shake body!!!


Nigerian carry-over students:

Let me kuku drop out…


Nigerian kids:

Uncle Mark, come and play ball with us


Nigerian mothers praying their daughters meet somebody like Mark Zuckerberg:

Holy Father!!!


Nollywood preparing for a new movie title about Mark’s visit:

The Surprise Visit Part 1 – 8

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