South African pastor heals cancer and HIV with insecticide

A South African pastor has been dubbed the ‘Prophet of Doom’ for spraying his congregation with insecticide, claiming it can heal cancer and HIV.

Self-proclaimed prophet Lethebo Rabalago has been using an insect spray called ‘Doom’, spraying the product into people’s eyes, among other body parts, claiming it can heal individuals from several diseases.

Images of the pastor, who runs the Mount Zion General Assembly church in Limpopo province, were uploaded to social media and showed Rabalago spraying the insecticide directly in the faces of his congregants.

Despite the controversy, the 24-year-old pastor defended his actions and he was “glorifying God” with his actions, according to local news site Herald Live.

“It’s not a matter of inspiration,” he said. “When one is inspired you are copying. It’s not a matter of inspiration. No one inspired me. I just believe in God for anything. We can use anything that you believe to heal people.”


In a press statement, Doom manufacturer Tiger Brands said that it found the practice “alarming and extremely concerning” adding that it is “unsafe to spray Doom Super Multi Insect killer or any other aerosol spray for that matter, into people’s faces.”

It also advises that if the insecticide is sprayed into someone’s face, they should wash their face and/or wash out their eyes immediately, and to avoid excessive inhalation.

South Africans have strongly condemned the practice, taking to social media to voice their disbelief and concern.

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