The one question that tells you a lot about a person!


by Erick Diaz

Ever wondered what one question tells you the most about someone?

Well, here it is…

Ask them this question:

“Have you ever been in love?”

Their immediate reaction will tell you all you need to know. Here’s how to interpret:

1. If they smile:

This is definitely a yes. Even if they answer in a way that tries to negate the smile. That smile came from someone either currently love or once loved. They are guided by their heart more than their head.

2. If they hesitate and/or look away:

They’re unsure about the strength of their feelings. They want to say they’ve felt it but they don’t know for sure. Not a hopeless romantic but a hopeful one. Their life motto is: “One day it’ll be my turn.”

3. If they deny…strongly:

This person is emotionally guarded. They put up insurmountable walls to protect themselves from the spears of vulnerability. They are generally skeptical of peoples intentions and gaining their trust is a lifelong commitment.

4. If they agree…strongly:

Trying too hard. Overcompensating. They want to be perceived as someone whose experienced and capable of being loved. This response type is the hardest to read. Maybe they’ve unquestionably been in love and they just want to hammer the point down your throat. Who knows.

5. If they stop to think for a while:

Call me Einstein for this one, but this person is a thinker. They replay all the close calls in their mind and are weighing past emotional states against hindsight bias. This person spends lots of time in their own head.


With a question this vague and a wide range of personality types, I know there are tons of room for error.

I also realize these generalizations seem horoscope-y, but I think there’s a kernel of truth in each case.

I’m aware one size never fits all but the question lends itself to this type of answer.



Erick Diaz writes for The Odyssey.

He is on Twitter as Erick Diaz (@discoDiaz)

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One thought on “The one question that tells you a lot about a person!

  1. Well for me it is this one question:

    “What makes you angry?”

    This question reveals a lot about a person, because it reveals their priorities and what they think is important in life.

    If they gave you an answer right away, they probably get mad often and the reasons are not really well-deserving to be mad.

    If they pause and think, that is a well-adjusted person that doesn't get mad easily; they know how to control their temper.

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