We Are Renovating!

by Staff writer

DNB Stories is getting a makeover.

After reviewing your suggestions, we’ve decided to implement some of the features you requested.

When we’re done, it’d be your turn again to tell us if you like the new look or not:

If you say you do, we keep it.

Otherwise, we won’t.

Of course by now you should know that we live only to serve YOU!

You can tell us what you think in the comments below…

Also let us have other suggestions, if any, that you may have!

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One Comment on “We Are Renovating!”

  1. Is this your new year resolution or what?
    Anyways, if you like renovate if you like don't
    I will always be here every day enjoying myself.
    BTW, why not keep the money for renovation and buy us puff-puff with it???

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