What is Cryptocurrency? What is PoS in Cryptocurrency?

This contemporary era is all about digital technologies and integrated life. In this fastest-moving world, all traditional lifestyle things that were dependent upon manpower that we used to follow are moving onto the internet. The currency also chooses its way to transform and make it turn into digital currency which is formally known as cryptocurrency.

The word cryptocurrency is often heard but so many people don’t know what this digital currency means so, to understand it properly let’s see what cryptocurrency is. What is bitcoin? And what is a Proof-of-stack term in it? So, if you are into Bitcoin investment, you must be aware of the Bitcoin mixers

What is Cryptocurrency? 

Cryptocurrency is a virtual currency that only exists in online mode and it was first introduced in 2009. It is quite similar to other cashless transactions. Cryptocurrency doesn’t deal with any real-life cash; rather, it simply carries out virtual payment with the help of an encryption algorithm. It doesn’t follow any traditional banking system, meaning cryptocurrencies work independently, and government authorities like central banks, countries or other agencies don’t have any control over it. Cryptocurrencies are known for carrying out transactions globally from one online wallet to another. The most famous form of cryptocurrency is Bitcoin.

What is Bitcoin?

Bitcoin is nothing but a cryptocurrency. It actually is the first famous form of Cryptocurrency introduced in 2009 by a group of anonymous developers. It is an online form of payment that replaces physical money. This electronic money directly gets exchanged by digital buyers and sellers without any third-party interference. It can be used in several trades and can be used on various exchanges as well. It can also be shared as a reward to the Blockchain miner that contributed to decrypting the code or verifying the transactions.

As it is the first verified domain name digital currency introduced on the virtual platform, its popularity is commendable. Many well-known businesses, personalities, and top-industry investors are investing in cryptocurrencies with the help of bitcoin and accepting payment through it. 

Besides that, Bitcoin also aspires for other virtual currencies to be introduced in the financial market. There are around 5000 plus cryptocurrencies introduced in the market now; some of the most famous currencies are Ethereum, Lite coin, Ripple, Tether, Dogecoin, Libra, etc.

After knowing these, you might also want to invest in cryptocurrency like many others, and let us inform you; it is an easy task, many applications and highly integrated websites are there that help you in it.

Although trading with cryptocurrency is a seamless task, as it does not include any middleman, doing transactions through it gets somewhat risky because no authorized agency keeps a record on track of the transaction. Keeping these in mind, cryptocurrency works on the concept of proof-of-stack to keep the transaction safe, securer so what does it mean? Let’s see.

What is Proof-of-stack in cryptocurrency?

Proof-of-stack is a consensus mechanism that is used to verify transactions and to add a new block in blockchains. It is a method that validates entries into a database by the validators who are members of the blockchain network and keeps the database secure. 

Depending on some efficient algorithm and stake position, the PoS mechanism selects one member from the blockchain who checks whether the transactions are valid or not. It energy consuming, time-consuming as well doesn’t require high-computational machines, power, and skill to solve cryptographic puzzles like in the PoW mechanism where the miners (who mine the bitcoin by performing complex computational algorithms and add it into the block of a blockchain network for further usage-same as gold) compete with other miners around the blockchain network by running various complexity test and using high technical algorithms and energy to validate the transaction. 

PoS is a new technology, so its performance is not well-known. On top of that, as it allows anyone to be part of the validation, it might be possible that the validator can allow the wrong transaction. Still, chances are close to no as it costs them to pay their investment.


Cryptocurrency is the most straightforward way to an effective transaction and is the most complex topic to understand if we deep dive into it. But knowing it thoroughly is always better, or we can say it must. Because of the basic knowledge, you can start the process, but if you do not have adequately understood and well-researched knowledge about it, it will result in a huge loss later. 

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