Police arrest Mississippi man accused of killing ex-boyfriend in his home

A 33-year-old Mississippi man named Marcus Johnson has been arrested in connection to the brutal murder of 25-year-old Carlos Collins.

Police said the victim, Carlos Collins, who worked as a nurse before his gruesome murder on Tuesday, was shot multiple times by his attacker. Additional reports also claim the attacker hit the victim with an axe and stabbed him multiple times before shooting him.

According to information gathered by DNB Stories Africa, Johnson and Collins were allegedly in a romantic relationship which went sour and Johnson was ordered to never contact the victim.

Marcus Johnson (Source – Facebook)

A social media user who claimed to be friends with the deceased said Marcus Johnson allegedly refused to move on after Collins broke up with him. He allegedly stole Collins’s key, made a copy of it and also put tags on the victim’s car with which he tracked his movements, stalking him.

Carlos Collins (Source – Facebook)

Police said the suspect is a former police officer who worked for the Jackson Police Department for eight months in 2013. His employment was terminated in 2013 as a disciplinary action for misconduct.

Johnson was arrested in Louisiana following a police chase that lasted several minutes. Police said Johnson has been detained at the Richland Parish Detention Center from where he will be extradited to Mississippi to answer to his charges.

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