How to be an African Woman

by Obioma Okafor

Sadly, a lot of our girls are now whiter than white women. And I am not just talking about colour.

A friend of mine once said that it is impossible to remain African in a society that is constantly moving away from the culture.

According to her, she does not want to be the last African woman standing.

In as much as the fact that her statement was encumbered with truth, I still think that we as African women, should still try to preserve our culture despite the overbearing influences.

Instead of allowing the innovations to transform us, we can better our roots with them instead.

I think we should always try to.

Here is a list of ten things we should always do (or not do) to keep our African blood up and running.

1. Do your braids once in a while, or any other African hairstyle you love. And please don’t tell me there is none you love.

2. Always cook African dishes at home.

3. Sew nice Ankara designs and wear them with pride.

4. Don’t beat your kids when they speak our native language.

5. If you live in the city, try visiting the village once in a while. Stay some days or weeks depending on how much time you have.

6. Don’t only tell our bad stories.

7. Remember Africa in all you do; from your interior décor to wardrobe selection.

8. Don’t feel ashamed to be addressed by your native names.

9. Keep a box where you can collect precious African things. You need to see mine!

10. Enjoy African entertainment – from our music to our movies and books.

Added: Always read DNB Stories.

You can add yours.

This article was written by Obioma Okafor (Kpakpando) exclusively for DNB.

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3 Comments on “How to be an African Woman”

  1. Before I read your statement about African women. I was madly attracted to your black colour and you unimaginable beautiful face that drive me cracas. I took a picture of you and will always look at you.
    I do not know if you are single or not, I don`t I already give you myself.

    What you said are absulutely right, you are type of woman that can lift the spirits of African for all human raise to recobnise and accept that we the BLACK PEOPLE are the original Father and Mother of human raise and we must be respected.

    Black Women are most beautiful and attractive than white women.
    Black Men are caring, smater and lot stronger in enduring hardship than white men, even therir white women have sexual satisfaction from Black men than white men. This was widely known to white white people during slavery here in the UK and America.

    I will tell you one more you are Beautiful and is not a crime to love a beautiful lady like yousef, is it?
    Email me: sidekebakaira[at] and we keep in touch.
    Love U.


  2. Well done but not pc. I agree to your sentiments but Jesus said when in Rome do as the Romans the way its McLaughlin

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