Short Story: My Merman

Written by Daniel Nkado

It’s a dream I have been having for a very long time now. It is a sinful one, I know, but I’d rather dwell in it. Because I feel whole in it.

I feel fulfilled in it.

I know I can never find a man as perfect as him in real earth, so if I can’t have a perfect world, why not a perfect dream?

I sat on the sandbank, watching the gentle waves of the sea.

The evening sun was warm on my skin.

A great turbulence descended on the sea. Water splashed over my feet. A coconut dropped from the tall slender tree nearby.

I smiled and tasted a sugary substance in my tongue. I knew he was coming. I could feel it now. Bliss ringed me round like a halo.

Slowly, I watched him rise from the wild waves. He made his way straight to me, his eyes dim from lust, and sin.

I held my naked breasts, my body trembling in anticipation of his touch.

Now he stood in my front, towering above me like a tree. His skin was shiny brown, the perfect lustre afforded by sea life.

He stared softly at me. His eyes caused a spasm between my legs.

I watched the short leather skirt he wore drop to the sand, revealing himself clear to me. An organ so well shaped, and sized, that each time I feel it inside me, I feel the taste of paradise.

He extended a hand to me. ‘Rise, my world.’ His voice was the gentle melody of a lullaby. ‘Rise and be with me.’

I took his hand and rose.

He held me, staring down at me with eyes narrowed to slits by emotion. Strong, sin-filled emotion. ‘You are mine,’ he said. ‘I own you, you know that?’

I nodded.

He pushed my chin up so that my eyes fell on his face. ‘Are you ready for me?’

I nodded again. ‘Yes, my lord.’

I felt a sudden shiver as he bent and slipped his lips into mine.

He drew me into himself. The feel of my hardened nipples on his cold skin made me quiver.

He bent and carried me. Gently, he lowered me to the sand and came on top me. He took my nipple into his mouth and I clutched his head, vibrating uncontrollably.

His suck was gentle, like a young toothless child, yet so electric. In the tremendous pleasure, I sizzled like a boiling kettle.

Slowly, he moved down to between my legs. My head filled out with a sugary syrup. I could taste it in my lips too— raw bliss.

I moaned out as he licked me in and out.

When he rose, I quickly turned to him. I held his hardness with two hands and for a moment was enchanted by its beauty; the solid thickness, the rubbery smoothness of the cone and the strong veins that stood round it like climbing twigs clinging to a branch.

I turned my eyes up at him. Control exuded from his eyes. Slowly, I stuffed him into my mouth. He grabbed my head and pulled me in, all the way down his entire length.

I pulled away quickly, letting out a choking gasp. He grabbed me and held me in again.

He tasted satisfyingly of nothing.

He held me at the shoulders and guided me up. Gently, he turned me and bent me to the ground so that my hands touched my feet.

He spat some saliva into his palm and rubbed it round my entrance. This eased his entry so that he was buried deep inside me in the split of a second.

His thrusts were slow and careful at first, but soon he blended with my wetness and started riding me like a wheel. I moaned out in pleasure, holding the tips of breasts.

‘Oh my God! You are possessed!’ Pastor Luke screamed. ‘You have a spirit husband!’

My husband glanced at me and turned back to the pastor with a nod. ‘Pastor, I believe you. From what I have experienced these past months, I have no reason to doubt.’

I threw out a long hiss. All my concern was on the gum I was chewing, and the great yearning for nightfall to come so that I would be with him again. I held the gum in my mouth to my tongue and produced a popping sound.

To hell with my husband and this sick pastor of his.

Without warning, Pastor Luke stood and thrust his palm to my forehead. ‘In the name of Jesus, I command you to depart from her this minute!’

A sudden hotness descended on me.

The burning heightened as Pastor continued with his commanding. I screamed out and fell to the floor, wriggling this way and that on the carpet.

Pastor Luke was unrelenting. He continued to fight him, commanding him in the name of his master to leave my body.

I boiled with fury, but I was helpless.

It was a tough battle, but eventually he left, leaving me empty, hollow and different.

I looked at my husband and recognized him. Remorse engulfed me whole. I hugged him, my shoulders heaving from tears.

‘You are free now, Mrs. Ida,’ Pastor Luke said to me. ‘Praise be to our Lord Jesus Christ.’

My husband waved to the Lord’s praise and hugged me tightly back. ‘Thank you, pastor.’ He kissed my cheek. ‘Stop crying, darling, it’s not your fault. We are okay now.’

‘I am sorry,’ I said to my husband. ‘I am truly sorry, please forgive me.’

‘I have already,’ my husband said. ‘Even before today.’

And so my husband and I went home with our new-found peace.

But only a few months later, he was back. In full force. ‘You are mine,’ he said to me that night, looking really mean in the face. ‘Mine you will remain!’


About the writer:

Daniel Nkado is a Nigerian writer and the founder of Get his books on DNB StoreOkadaBooks or BamBooks!

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