From The Lagoon With Love

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4 Comments on “From The Lagoon With Love”

  1. Ok. Biko, wen are we expecting tales of Gloria? I've waited patiently 4 anoda week but its not hear. D suspense is killin me.

  2. Hi, Pamela… Gloria is busy celebrating Easter. I'm sure she will update next week… Hope you enjoyed the holidays

  3. On dis no comment. as per Gloria issue. I will say u shld stop before I get hbp. On Saturdays I always look forward to her post. Since she didn't take her readers serious na d don't nt care abt us, I move a motion dat it stop. #I hop my post will bring her out of her hideout#

  4. Aw! Sekinat, Gloria will see this…thanks for the comment. She reads the comments and says how entertaining they are. Now she should know she needs to always respond.
    I blame her irregular updates on her new job tho…it is understandable.

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