How to Survive in Nigeria

by Daniel Nkado

Life is hard everywhere, but in Nigeria, it can be a little tougher.

A lot of people are sad.

A lot of people are aggressive.

A good few are unapologetically evil.

But don’t worry, these 10 tips will ensure you survived in this great country of ours:

1. Do not worry too much

Sometimes you just have to forget about everything and just dance! Don’t let every little thing take your smile away from you—you will need it even when you die. Or haven’t you heard that only smiling corpses make it to heaven? Keep smiling, precious!

2. Avoid toxic people

My dear, they are everywhere. In the village, at your workplace, even in the bus!

Toxic people are people who don’t like peace. They go to bed angry and wake up angry. They are people who don’t like good news.

Just avoid them!

3. Don’t keep in emotions

Never you do this.

When you are happy, dance.

When you find something funny, laugh on top of your voice.

When you are hurt, cry your heart out. Let the pain flow away with your tears!

When you are broke, beg for money from those who care about you.

If they refuse, know that they too don’t have.

4. Do not change from who you are

Again, never! Never you start smoking, or drinking, or plotting evil.

5. Don’t believe so easily

We all want nice things in life but they are not always easy to come by. No, they are not. So always question everything—even if it is direct from your pastor.

6. Do not wish for too much

Being ambitious is a good thing, but do not lose your life in the process. Just do your best and leave the rest to nature, or God, whatever you believe in.

7. Do not mourn for too long

Regretting never solves a thing! Not a day!

8. Do not think you are better than anybody

Or that somebody is better than you! We are all incomplete beings in this world, inhabiting a space we don’t even own!

9. Do not let good people go

You will only be lucky to meet a few in your lifetime, so always appreciate them.

If you hurt a good person, apologize.

10. Always read DNB Stories

You should never ever underestimate the importance of a good story! Never!

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  1. Lolz! Do not let good people go!!
    You can use towing rope or correct super glue to bind them unto you! hahahaha!
    4 wia you even see gud pipul self?
    No 10. Keep refreshing on DNB site, better go come!

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