3 Things that make a Book worth reading!

by Nela Canovic

1. Good storytelling

When you’re drawn in after the first few pages, you get lost in the plot or story line.

When you finish one paragraph and it gets you curious to find out where the whole thing is going, that’s great storytelling.

2. A sense of direction

It can be to gain knowledge in one area, learn how to overcome an obstacle, or follow a story about one person or group of people. The story must have some personal meaning to you so that you can benefit from the direction in which it is taking you.

3. Likeable main protagonist

Regardless of whether you’re reading fiction or non-fiction, it is important that you find the main character likable so that you truly enjoy the reading experience.

This can include their traits, their feelings, the way they show their emotions, the unique way they express their thoughts, the way in which they interact with other people, or simply their quirkiness.

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