Death is the most beautiful thing about life

by Deepak Morris

The road up to the time of our death can be very scary.

No one actually wants to die unless there are extreme circumstances – but scientists now have enough evidence to suggest that the actual process of dying is really a euphoric activity.

Not just pleasant, but euphoric, meaning it is very pleasurable to die as dying is the only action that completely disconnects us from any form of physical pain.

According to the study, there is a gland in the brain that produces a chemical called DMT [Dimethyltryptamine] that has hallucinatory (as in, experiencing visions) effects.

It produces this chemical in small doses when we sleep to give us sweet dreams.

As we die, however, it produces the chemical in massive doses that induce effects like the slowing down of time (if you’ve ever been in a life-threatening situation then you might have experienced something like this before), and also the common feeling of meeting with beings you have believed in – ancestors, gods, ghosts, etc.

Most people who have “returned from the dead”, meaning they have been declared dead but somehow reanimated their bodies, tell of such experiences.

So dying is actually a very pleasant experience and must not be feared at all.

However, it is life, the rigorous time before death that can be very frightening.


Morris is an observer of natural phenomena and an expert at understanding the deeper meaning of poetry.

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