Where would you rather be?

by Staff writer

Below are 8 destination choices.

Out of them all, where would you rather be?

Your answer will determine the kind of person you are. Note that you can only pick one.









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6 Comments on “Where would you rather be?”

  1. You have a high value for yourself.
    Your main goal in life is to live a long life of luxury and convenience.
    To you success is very material, ascribed to things owned or places visited.
    If you have the opportunity to change the world, you will clothe it in gold.
    Overall, people will like to be around you.
    You could possibly become a star.

  2. You are caring, curious, clever, welcoming and very perceptive.
    Given the opportunity to change the world and you will build a device that gives everyone whatever they desire in life.
    You will make a great leader who everyone admire and aspire to be close to.

  3. You are a peace-loving soul.
    Gentle, fun, loving are some of the qualities to describe you.
    Your greatest ambition in life is to live and die with the one you love.
    If you have the opportunity to change the world, you will immediately put an end to all forms of violence and encourage every one to dream and be at peace with one another.

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