20 hard truths about life that are difficult to accept

by Umar Sheikh

This list may not appeal to everyone as it is written in the context of what life has thought me.

Everyone’s life and experiences are different so please don’t be offended by any of the things I mentioned.

I do not claim that these findings are entirely true for every person, or applicable everywhere in the world.

Here are 20 hard truths about life you might find difficult to accept:

1. Money really can buy happiness.

2. People pleasers are considered fools.

3. Most of the people you meet in life will cheat you if given the chance.

4. Human beings love to backbite.

5. The more you care for someone, chances are the more that person will take you for granted.

6. We only realize the value of something when we have lost it.

7. Confidence really is the key to success.

8. The world measures success by the amount of money you have.

9. The United Nations only caters to the big 5 countries having veto powers.

10. For economic interests whole countries have been destroyed and are still being destroyed (e.g. Yemen and Syria).

11. Honest people are one of the most difficult things to find these days.

12. Social media has done more harm than good.

13. Most people get married out of fear of being alone or pressure from the society. They are not entirely sure whether they are ready for the associated responsibilities.

14. If you don’t speak up for yourself, no one ever will.

15. All of us want to be rich overnight.

16. No one really cares about anyone but themselves.

17. “I’ll die without you” is the biggest lie ever told in world history.

18. The history of the world is very glorified. Most of the things we call facts have been tampered with.

19. The kinder you are to someone, the more likely the possibility they will try to take advantage of you.

20. We’re all hypocrites in our own ways.

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