Roommates 5: Episode 8

Husband and Wives—1

‘You told me you didn’t see a face,’ Georgina said.

‘Actually I did,’ Gloria said.

‘You did?’

‘Yes. It was a short moment though, very short, but I remember I saw a dark-skinned woman. She had…’ Gloria paused for a moment, casting a pensive gaze. ‘…she had,’ she began again, ‘…she had this dark, short hair and there seems to be a strange mystery surrounding her appearance.’

‘Mystery?’ April stepped closer. ‘What do you mean?’

‘Her eyes…her eyes…they were glassy, dreamy, like she’s been crying. I remember wondering if she had a sort of contacts on.’

Georgina dipped into her pocket and pulled out her phone. Scrolling through, she stopped when the image she was searching for appeared. She showed the phone to Gloria. ‘This woman that you saw, does she look anything like this?’

Gloria collected the phone from her and looked at the picture. ‘Yes. This is the person I saw.’ She gave a little nod. ‘It’s her.’

‘Are you sure?’ April said.


April and Georgina turned to each other with widened eyes.


Back inside Loveth’s ward, they found that she was now awake. She sat up on the bed, back propped against a pillow.

‘How do you feel now?’ April asked, coming to sit beside Loveth on the bed.

Loveth nodded. ‘I’m fine.’

Georgina took one step closer. ‘Love,’ she called, very quietly.

‘Yes?’ Loveth answered.

‘Tell me, was it really Nwamgbeke that you saw?’

Loveth kept her eyes straight into space, saying nothing.

April rubbed her hair. ‘You can tell us whatever it is, dear, we are here for you.’

‘I saw her,’ Loveth said, finally.

Georgina moved further, coming to stand right beside Loveth now. ‘Who did you see?’

‘Your twin sister.’


Loveth nodded. ‘Yes. It was her.’

The lights went out then.

In the darkness, Abuchi who was coming to meet the girls in the room bumped into a nearby wall.

He was scratching at a side of his head when the light bulbs came back on and everywhere looked bright again.

Back inside the room, Gloria asked: ‘Why all these questions concerning this girl?’

‘You won’t understand,’ Georgina replied her.

Gloria stared at her for a moment and then shrugged. ‘Well, if you say that.’ She looked at her watch. ‘It’s getting late. I should be on my way now—Georgina you can stay a while more with your friend, okay?’

‘Thank you, Ma.’


‘See you all.’ Gloria walked off.

‘Bye-bye,’ April said.

At the same time Gloria opened the door to leave the room, Abuchi walked in.

The two shared a brief, meaningful look before Abuchi greeted Gloria and walked past.


The husband to the classy woman who just had a baby came the next morning, but it was in the evening, at about the same time Loveth was discharged and the girls were leaving the hospital, that he saw the girls.

It was Mr Solomon who saw Loveth first and immediately recognized her.

He walked up to her. ‘Hello Loveth.’

‘Ha. Sir?’ Loveth looked every bit surprised to see her boss. ‘How did you know that I was here?’

‘I just saw you.’

‘Who told you that I was not feeling fine?’

‘Well, you are just telling me now.’



‘So who did you come to see then?’

‘My wife actually.’ The man’s dentition spread out across his mouth. ‘She just had a baby.’

‘Oh, congratulations Sir!’ Loveth said.

‘Thank you.’ Solomon was still smiling.

‘Congratulations!’ April and Georgina chorused.

Solomon turned to them with his grin. ‘Thank you, ladies.’

‘They are my friends,’ Loveth explained. She pointed in demonstration. ‘That’s April and that’s Georgina.’ And to her friends, ‘Girls, this is my boss.’

‘Oh wow, it’s a pleasure to meet you, sir,’ April said. Georgina only smiled.

‘Mine as well,’ Mr Solomon replied.

Georgina finally decided that the man was handsome, only he looked like one of those soft men who aren’t so blessed down there and always gave boring sex.

And at that moment, she felt a stroke of gratitude for having Abuchi, who, by her judgement, not only has the right-sized tool but also knows how to effectively use it.

Mr Solomon turned back to Loveth. ‘So what is wrong with you?’

‘Just a minor illness, sir.’

‘Okay. And I hope you will be fit enough to resume next week as stated in your offer letter?’

‘Sure, sir. I will.’

Mr Solomon cocked his head. ‘Of course you can always choose to defer your resumption till you are completely okay, if you want?’

‘Sir, she just had a minor fall, that’s all,’ April said. ‘She’s discharged already.’

‘Okay, nice. See you next week then.’

‘Okay sir.’

Mr Solomon was about turning away when he heard his wife’s voice. ‘There you are! What’s been keeping you?’

Solomon left the girls at the counter and immediately started toward his wife who was being wheeled out from the adjacent hall.

She looked perfectly made up—face, hair and nails—nothing like any woman who recently had a baby.

‘Darling, are you sure you should be out already?’ Solomon said.

Mrs Solomon frowned. ‘C’mon Solomon, I only had a baby not a heart transplant.’

‘Okay, okay, if you say that.’

‘Did you get all the things I asked you to get?’

‘Sure.’ He showed her the fancy poly bag he was carrying.

Mrs Solomon jerked the bag from him and looked inside. ‘Where is the bottle of red wine?’

‘Your doctor specifically asked that I did not get that.’

‘What? Which silly doctor is that?’

‘She said alcohol can get into your breast and affect the baby—our baby. You sure do not want that, honey, do you?’

‘Oh please, Solomon, we were both drunk the night that baby was conceived so why should it be a problem now to have some wine when I’ve given birth.’

‘It’s for your health, dear, and that of the baby.’

Mrs Solomon shoved the poly bag back into her husband’s grip. ‘Go get me my wine! It’s been far too long I’ve been without myself.’

Georgina turned then. Recognizing the woman, she signalled to the girls to move faster away.

‘That must be his wife,’ Loveth said. ‘Let me go and say hello.’

Georgina grabbed Loveth by the wrist and jerked her forward. ‘If you know what is good for you, keep your face straight till we are out of this building.’

But before they could cover a safe distance, a janitor in blue uniform came running towards them. ‘Excuse me! Excuse me!! Ladies, please wait!’

And just as the girls turned, Mrs Solomon’s eyes met them. And she immediately recognized Georgina. ‘Wheel me forward!’ she growled at the nurse behind her.

Mr Solomon followed his wife.


The janitor calling the girls extended a purse. ‘Here, you must have forgotten this.’

The girls exchanged glances. ‘Is that yours?’ April asked Georgina.


‘It’s not mine either,’ Loveth said.

April turned back to the girl. ‘That’s not ours, thank you.’

‘Oh.’ The girl took back the red clutch purse. ‘I found it tucked in the corner of the bed. It must have been the lady that used the room before you,’ she explained.

But the girls’ attention were now on Mrs Solomon.

‘Hello, witch?’ Mrs Solomon said to Georgina.

‘Darling, do you know them?’ Solomon asked his wife.

‘This is the girl that nearly had me murdered with our son!’ Mrs Solomon said.


‘Sir, I have no idea what she is talking about!’ Loveth said immediately.

‘Not you, fatty, I refer to your sister!’ Mrs Solomon pointed at Georgina. ‘She is the one, look at her!’

‘Oh that’s a relief,’ Mr Solomon said.

His wife turned to him. ‘Wait, where do you know them from?’

‘That’s Loveth, the girl we just hired.’


‘The model I told you about, for the plus-size department.’ The man turned to Loveth. ‘Loveth, meet my wife, Geraldine. She is the style director and also going to be heading the department you will be working under.’

‘No way!’ Geraldine growled.


‘Young lady, I obviously cannot work with someone whose insane sister tried to murder me and my unborn child.’

‘No, no, Madam, she is not my sister,’ Loveth said.

‘Then who is she to you?’

‘She is just a friend. A friend, Ma, nothing more.’

‘And what difference does that make? You are fired!’

Shock slapped the girls’ mouths wide open.

But it was Georgina’s show of shock that was the most noticeable.

She’d now only pray and hope that Loveth did not chew her raw when they get home.


Back at the house, Gloria couldn’t find the fashion magazine she bought two months ago.

She has searched the corners of the couches in the sitting room, scattered the pile of books on the table in the room upstairs, yet the glossy publication was nowhere to be found.

She stood now in the middle of the room, trying to see if her mind could bring up anything helpful.

She couldn’t even recall the last time she held the magazine—all she could remember was that within one of the shiny pages of the book lies a clothing design she so badly wanted to look at right now. The same part of the magazine she had folded into two that day she came across the image for easy access whenever she needed it.

Scouring her mind for a few more minutes, she moved toward the bed, held the heavy mattress at one of its corners and lifted.

She didn’t see the book she was looking for, but she saw something else.

Something rather shocking.

Gently, she picked one pair from the pile of panties under the mattress—the red one.

Even before she checked the waist size, she could already tell they weren’t hers.

When Mr Iyke returned about an hour or half later and she asked him, his reaction was even more shocking.

He had just come out of the bathroom when Gloria asked him.

He simply let loose the white towel around his waist and it dropped to the floor, leaving to his wife’s full glare his thick and erect member.

Gloria swallowed. ‘What are you doing?’

‘Let’s have sex.’

‘And how is that an answer to the question I just asked?’

Mr Iyke, completely naked and covered in this strong aura of sensuousness, started toward his wife.

Gloria stepped back before he could touch her. ‘Answer my question, Iyke—how did these pile of underwear get into my room?’

Iyke held his wife and drew her to himself, folding her up and letting his hard, weighty organ dig into her thighs.

‘We are both sinners, my dear,’ he groaned. ‘Let’s keep everything aside and just play sin tonight.’


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