Why did God create us?

by Jay Boy

Why did God create us?

Why are we here?


This is probably one of the most asked questions about religion and faith.

And the truth is that none of the answers I have been given makes any sense.

Colossians 1:16 says: “All things were created by him and for him.”

This doesn’t make much sense if you look at it critically.

It just means we were created by God for his own pleasure.

Like the bulk of humanity is just a thing of amusement for God.

Someone said to me today:

“God did not create human beings because He needed them. As God, He needs nothing. In all eternity past, He felt no loneliness, so He was not looking for a “friend.” He loves us, but this is not the same as needing us. If we had never existed, God would still be God.”

I told him it all makes no sense.

If He doesn’t need us, then why bother making us? — I asked him.

He couldn’t answer me and just went off the long road by saying, “God is God. He does what pleased Him, and we have no right to question Him.”

This answer sort of made me feel a certain way.

How can He just create us and give us no right?

Having no right is bad.

It equates to slavery.

If we have no right to question Him, then why does He feel He has the right to question us too?

I mean we are people, not things.

He claims to love us but I can’t remember the last time he sent down food to all the starving children in the world he made.

Or went round the hospitals to set all the patients free.

I have heard people say that He is just testing us.

This answer still scares me too–because it means we are just nothing more than lab rats to God.

I don’t understand it all.

Perhaps someone with a good enough answer can say something…

Daniel Nkado, as an atheist, I wish to hear what you have to say…

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