2 straight men marry each other to avoid tax bill

by Staff writer

Two best friends who say they love each other — “as friends” — got hitched on Friday in Dublin.

But instead of marrying for love, they did it out of financial prudence. The two men are straight. Their matrimony allows them to avoid paying an inheritance tax.

Matt Murphy and Michael O’Sullivan have been friends for 30 years, The Irish Times reported.

“I love Matt and he loves me, as friends,” O’Sullivan told The Times following their ceremony.

Same-sex marriage was legalized in Ireland in 2015.

Murphy, who is 83, and O’Sullivan, 58, decided to marry when they discovered how much in taxes they would have to pay if O’Sullivan inherited Murphy’s home, as intended upon Murphy’s death, according to the Guardian.

The marriage saved about $60,000 in taxes, the Irish Mirror reported.

O’Sullivan would have been forced to sell the house to pay the taxes upon inheriting it from Murphy.

The two became fast friends and comforted one another during difficult times when O’Sullivan was homeless and Murphy was dealing with health issues.

“I stayed over with him for a while and eventually Matt (Murphy) said ‘Why don’t you come and stay here?’” O’Sullivan told the Guardian. “I would go over and stay with him the odd time but never full time.”

While discussing their tax situation with a friend, “she jokingly said we should get married,” O’Sullivan said.

“Then one night he (Murphy) turned around and said it to me and I said I would marry him.”

Reaction to the couple’s tax ploy was mixed.

“People marry over property, like that has never happened before. I toast the happy couple, well done!” Danielle O’Connell tweeted.

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