Easy way to know if your husband is cheating!

by Staff writer

There are many signs that might indicate that your husband might be cheating.

For one, if he never leaves his phone out of his sight and takes extra precautions to make sure you don’t see any of his incoming texts, then that’s a red flag.

Another sign is sudden changes to his schedule.

If he suddenly doubled his work hours, something might be up, especially if it’s also combined with frequent “business trips”.

Also, changes to his sexual behavior might be another indicator that he has been exposed to some new experiences (or guidance).

If your husband all of a sudden got some “new moves”, you probably have something to worry about.

Finally, if he gets super defensive every time you bring up the subject of cheating or just try to wave the conversation aside, he most likely has something to hide.

Now you must remember that identifying a cheater is not an exact science.

Sometimes there are other explanations for any suspicious behavior you might have noticed.

Also, some people are simply better liars and are better at covering their tracks than others are.

If you are really suspicious that your partner may be cheating, you can do two things:

1. Try and have an adult conversation with him and see what he has to say.

2. Get crafty and start digging around until you find an answer.

You can use any of these methods:

a. Look for periods of time that your husbands whereabouts are unknown for one to two hours, once or twice a week. That is the minimum amount of time needed for cheating.

b. Look for changes in habits. Did he suddenly start dressing differently? Taking more time and care in his grooming? Taking more frequent showers? Always keeping his phone to himself? Spending more time on the computer?

c. Look for changes in his sexual habits. Is he doing a few things differently in bed no? Is he more or less interested in sex?

d. Stare deeply at him.

A cheater feels vulnerable just after cheating and before being back with his partner to ensure that he hasn’t been caught.

If you suspect that your husband is coming home after cheating, make yourself difficult to find and once found stare into his face for a few moments as if looking for something.

Then judge his reaction for signs of guilt.

You can also ask him point blank, “Are you cheating on me?”

If he looks away quickly, he is likely guilty.

In my own opinion, if you really feel you can’t trust your spouse that certainly means you already have something to worry about and to work on in order to make your marriage work.


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