12 characteristics that are peculiar to successful people!

by Kesh Maharaj

From networking with several clients and business associates, I would say that most successful people share some of these great characteristics that normal people could utilize.

These include:

1. They don’t talk about people; they talk about ideas, and take action.

2. They read a lot, and are aware of the latest current and economic events and trends.

3. They know their niche well, and strive to be up to date on the latest developments and trends.

4. They take control of their own destiny and make things happen, rather than wait for year-end bonuses and complain if it does not happen.

5. They take good care of themselves, and their families. In fact their family is always a priority to them.

6. They are close to their children and guide them well. They mentor them, and give them all the tools to succeed in life, from the best education, sports participation, communication, love and most importantly their quality time.

Seldom do they spoil them, and the children understand the value of education, time, money and productive life hacks.

7. Successful people pick their friends wisely, and do not share in mundane gossip. They have friends for business, sports, networking, socializing, and all exist in silos, easily called up as at when needed.

8. They know what they want and are laser-focused in life. Successful people always play their best game, as they know time is limited in life, and they want to have as much fun as they can, to live happy fulfilling lives.

9. They are past caring about material things e.g. fancy house and cars, and keeping up with the Joneses.

They don’t have to prove anything to anyone any more because they know that if they really want something, they can get it — but it has to be something they really care about!

One client of mine can buy a Ferrari outright for cash, but he could not be bothered washing it, or keeping it in his garage, so why bother.

Another guy I know buys seven shirts and seven jeans at the new year’s sales and wears it all year long. He also buys five armor jackets with hood and keeps them for a few years.

Very practical for him, he told me. (Think that’s what Steve Jobs does as well – buys the same colored shirts and jeans in bulk)

10. Successful people say NO easily.

They don’t do things to please others, especially as far as business is concerned. If it does not make business sense, then why do it? They would rather take a text than a call. Takes less time, especially with auto responders!

11. Successful don’t easily do meetings.

Especially coffee meetings. First, chat on the phone, if it deserves a meeting, so be it. But usually Whatsapp or a text covers it and if there must be a meeting, it’d usually not last more than half an hour. Successful people know the value of time and would never waste it.

12. They see the positive in everything.

Even if there is a bad news, there is a positive spin to it, and it is taken as a learning exercise.


Kesh Maharaj is a full-time property investor, entrepreneur, innovator, strategist and mentor.

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