How To Overcome Interview Day Anxiety

This is not new to anyone who has attended one job interview or the

No matter how minor the position is, the shivers always get us.

Before I start, know that different
strategies work for different people so you can pick the ones that can work for
you and discard the rest.
you have one working for you already, you can also share by commenting below.
Rest assured these are proven efficient
ways of relieving interview day anxiety.

1. Make sure you are prepared
Preparation works well only that most
candidates do it wrongly.
Time saving sakes, do your preparation based on these three know-points.
# Know the company
# Know the position
# Know yourself

2. Dress appropriately.
When you enter the premises and find
you stood out in dressing in the wrong way, your confidence will wilt and this
is very bad.
To avoid this, you can call to inquire
the dress code for the interview beforehand. It is safe to do so. You can ask
an employee from the firm if you know one.
Many experienced job seekers can safely guess what to wear from the position
Whatever you wear, let it add to your confidence, not take from it.

Now you have stopped in front of the
tall building. You look up at the company’s name written
in proud bold letters and take a deep breath.

3. Come down from the taxi with poise.
Yes. It is much better to use a taxi
than okada. In stricter cases use a Keke Napep or ask the bike man
to stop you a small distance away before the company building.
Don’t ask me why!

4. Enter the premises like you are
already an employee.

5. Be the first to make eye contact and
say something.
This gives you a good edge.
And please, don’t start up a
conversation with the Front Desk person if you can’t keep up.
If you can, all to your good. The major thing is not to lose your cool in the
process. Anything capable of snatching away the attitude you entered with is
‘Good morning. My name is Jub Sika. I
am to have an interview here today.’
‘Oh. What is your name again, Sir?’
‘Jub Sika.’
‘Alright, Mr. Sika, have a seat and Mr.
Boss will request for you shortly.’
‘Thank you.’
Quite simple, huh?

6. Make sure you don’t forget your
smile at home.
While at it, keep it well-timed and
professional…don’t go grinning like you picked a wad of dollar bills on your
way coming.

Inside the interview

7. Watch your interviewer(s) with a
small smile.
You can pick them apart in your mind,
who cares. The purpose is to remain in control.

8. Take a moment before answering each
You buy yourself time with a polite
‘Thank you’ each time a question is thrown your way.

9. Don’t get thrown off when you don’t
know what to answer.
When you don’t know what to answer, say
you don’t…boldly and with an appropriate smile. No one knows it all.

10. Bother more on how you say what you
To avoid stammering, talk slower,
catching your breath on em’s and uhm’s.

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