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For many weeks now, our Sunday discussion topics has  always been on literary subjects. That is going to change from today. Real-life issues will also be discussed on DNB every Sunday.

A friend has sent me an email with this story bothering her for days now. She trusts lovely DNB readers to provide her with answers that would help her make the right decision.

Now here is the story and please keep your answers free from strong hate words. Advise not affront.

She got married some weeks ago to her dream man. They have dated for over two years before eventually walking down the aisle. Now some nights after the beautiful wedding the man confessed that he, at one time while they were still dating, had slept with the wife’s younger sister. He had made this confession to make his wife understand while he wouldn’t like the sister to travel back with them to the city.

Now the question is what should the wife do in this case?

Use the comment section to provide your advice. You can also ask questions if you didn’t understand the story well.

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18 thoughts on “What Should She Do?

  1. My question is wat prompted their coming together before the incident happened? Becos NW we are married, I can't undo that.
    I will want to know if it is my husband's fault or sister's.

  2. She was living together with the man for some months before their actual wedding. And her sister normally visited from school during those periods.

  3. That means d sis and d man are lusting after each oda. I will b on the look out, av a talk with d two of them . Bt my sis will stop visiting.

  4. this a tuff one. But as the person abve said let her confront the sister. but she shouldnt leave her marriage. Things like this happen and if she continues to divorce every man that cheated on her, she may end up marrying over 20 men. just my 2kobo tho

  5. Nt only the sis shld b confronted bt the husband too. To show she is aware bt decide to keep quiet. Am sure the man and sis go dey fear her.

  6. She's got to acknowledge her husband's honesty. However, his promiscuity should be castigated here.

    I wouldn't advise she dissolves the marriage or divorce. Talking with her husband is the bet course of action to understand his rationale for his untoward course of action and what steps can be taken to forestall a future occurence. Also an issues pertinent here include forgiveness on her part, acceptance of her husband and also rebuilding the walls of trust.

    I'd also suggest she talks with her sister in strong and clear terms. Her visit to the matrimmonial home should be waived for now and limited in the latter future if situations favor her visiting

  7. She should fucking leave the marriage now that it is still early. If he really want to confess he should have done so before the wedding. Men feel once they had taken you to church they can now do anything to you and get away with it.

  8. Hmm. Okay. But don't you think leaving the marriage is a little bit extreme?…I mean they just wedded. Anyways thanks for the input.

  9. I don't think the husband lov the gal atall, so had it been that the gal's sister did not want to follow them back to their matrimonial home, he wouldn't have confessed. His confession would ve bn somehow acceptable if he made it before the wedding. him cheating on his partner with her sister means he's bn doing worse than that. I won't advice her to leave the marriage anyway, marriage z meant to b for better for worse. if they are Christians, Church marriage tribunal won't even annul the marriage on the basis of unfaithfulness. sh should try nd tok to the husband bcos communication they say , is the key to a successful marriage, make him understand hw bad unfaithfulness is, above all still forgive nd trust him
    NB : @ admin, if my comment vanish again eeh. …….* fuming *

  10. The sister is wicked to agree to sleep with her sister's husband. Even if the man forced her, she should have stood her ground.the wife should however forgive the man for his honesty. If he didnt confess, no one would know. For him to confess, he wants a change.

  11. Hmm. both of them should come together and communicate better. thank God the man confessed if not the duo can still continue from where they stopped. so lady talk to ur hubby and let him no the importance of faithfulness in marriage. as for the sister, the lady should forgive her but let her stay away from them for the meantime.

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