How To Get Your Nigerian Boyfriend To Put A Ring On It

Shoutout to all the lovely ladies who still want to become Mrs Somebody someday, my dear sister inclusive, I put my thumb up for you!

But we know Naija men can be unbelievable when it comes to marriage.

None of my married friends had in fact married the girls we thought they were going to marry.

And this trend is one that is not likely to change anytime soon.

So, my dear wife aspirants, here are 5 simple tips that can help you snatch the ring from him. Literally!

1. Stop Being A Girlfriend

Yes, you heard that right. If you are currently dating your dream husband, then you need to stop being his girlfriend and turn to something deeper, more intimate. Stop being the shallow girlfriend that only provide addresses to the current happening places in town or whine and grumble about a gift he failed to get you. You have to start showing full interest in all that concerns him; his career, health, future life ambitions, etc. The truth is that you need to start acting like a wife before you eventually become one. 

2. Flow Well With The Kitchen

This might sound somehow, but it can’t really be avoided. Atleast not here in Nigeria. Not many Nigerian men would want to marry an enemy of the kitchen. Not like we can have two kitchen enemies in the same house, that’s sheer disaster.

So take this advice – if you are a lady and can’t cook, start dating a chef, or a man that can afford one.

3. Mingle Well With Mom

The route to the heart of a Naija guy, as they say, is his stomach. But another route is his mom. If she is still alive, never underestimate her influence. Most Naija men are mama’s boys. Even if they have not always been, at marriageable age, they tend to become. So if you don’t know how to smile when mom is around, buy a smiling mask.

4. Become ‘The Shield’ Lady

If he narrates a story to you about how someone had treated him bad, show open reproof. See a neighbour disrespect him, talk to him or her. If he tells you he did something bad, stay down and reason with him. Show him that you will always be there for him.

Mind you, don’t start shouting at anybody that offends him so as not to turn into a mad woman in desperate need of help in his eyes.

But in all cases, men like to know that their women would always be ready to defend them as much as they would do for them.

5. Never Mention Marriage

Please don’t do this. Pressuring him about marriage can only bring you two things—bolting or a fake proposal. I’m sure you don’t want either. So chill and observe him in 3D while you apply the other tips.
Goodluck! And please don’t forget to invite me to your wedding.

Please note that this article is intended to inform. It is not the prescription of a doctor, pastor or a magician.

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