Wednesday Article: How To Make Yourself Irresistible To Her

Dating guys got fears too. In that rare and divine occasion, you find yourself with the right girl— that special angel made for you—it is quite understandable if you got fears of someday losing your hold on her.

Maybe not totally, but just a small slide of grip. Which is all the same risky because once the space appears, it is likely to keep widening, on and on, till there is no more view of each other.

These five tips can help ensure that she remained yours for all you want.

1. Be Her Mentor

Don’t just be the boyfriend that buys the birthday cake and quenches her bedroom fire. Find ways to inspire your girl; teach, advise, talk deep things with her. This means you have to always listen, and query.

2. Study Your Girl

Don’t study me, you won’t graduate…blah…blah…blah
. Heard that too, but forget it! It is safe to know your girl to the color of hair in her arm pit. Be the guy whose babe doesn’t need to utter a word before he realizes what’s going on with her. She will continue to miss you for that.

3. Develop Yourself

There are so many things you do for yourself that directly imparts the people around you. For your babes sake, always be on point. There are qualities every guy should possess, and, gladly, it is not just money. Just be the guy that always be your girl’s guy. Be neat, dress cool, respect people and work hard.

4. Play With Your Girl

Play, play, play. Find out what’s fun for your girl and take it on with her. No matter how busy you are, always make out time. You may not need to create a special play time or a playground; play and tease each other any time and space you got. There are cool stuffs you can do in the kitchen while she prepares you an omelette, or in the bathroom when she is naked and covered in soap bubbles.

5. Always Tell The Truth

Honesty is an attribute every girl cherish in a man. No matter how bad the situation is, always tell her the truth. With time she will come to respect you for that. She’d come to depend on you for answers to all things deep about her.

This article is jointly written by Amaka and Daniel. Visit the Submissions Page to see how to send articles to us.

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