5 Ways to Make your Man Respect you Always

By Gloria Ezeh

There is nothing more important than a woman’s respect in any relationship. There is nothing more fulfilling than being with a man that respects you. Unfortunately, men’s respect do not come easy.

You see, men are proud creatures and it takes a good deal of awesomeness from a lady to earn (and sustain) an appreciable amount of respect from any guy.

Here are five things you can do to boost your esteem and earn the respect of any man.

1. Find A Way To Be Different

Have something you stand out with, something you can never be caught doing. Or a way you do your thing that no one else can imitate. Stay true to it.

Note that you shouldn’t give up your hobby, otherwise it won’t look real.

2. Build Yourself

Keep informed. Stay up to date. As a lady there are things you should always know and have the answers to. Don’t always fall your man’s hand with excessive, ‘I don’t really know’s’. Read books. Read blogs. Read educative magazines. Read. Read. Read.

3. Respect Others

The phrase, ‘Respect is reciprocal’ has ever remained true. Talking down on others always gives an aura of trashiness. Or self-inadequacy. Desist from it.

4. Opt For Independence

This is the easiest way to earn any man’s respect, Nigerian men especially. While at this, don’t ascribe yourself too much self-importance or it could become damaging. Respect tempered with love is adorable. Fear-induced respect is cheap and short-lived.

5. Show Love

I’ve have to say that this is the most important of all. Love breeds respect easier than anything. Always show it to your man, friends, parents, siblings, just about anybody around you.

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