My Sick Passion

I am sick.

I am disgusting.

I am filthy.

Many men have said this to me when I tell them what I enjoy during sex. What I find intensely erotic.

Should I tell you too?

Naa. I bet you would be just like them too. You will call me sick.



You may even tell me I deserve to die.

But hey, WTH, it’s my life, not yours.

It’s what I like. It’s my sick passion.

So I will go on to tell you anyway. Kill me if you want. Shoot me, stab me, curse me, I’m never gonne change.

I discovered this side of me when I was only a young girl of about fourteen. I was in JSS3.

That afternoon, Paul vomited in our class. He had come to school sick.

As others were rushing to him, trying to help him calm the retching, I relaxed back into my seat and enjoyed the sight.

There was something very arousing about the deep, hollow sounds he was making and the forceful movement of his throat as he tried to expel the contents of his stomach.

Much like a new kind of ejaculation.

A better kind.

And then the expulsion was done and the smell of the deposit made all my nerves alert. From the produce, I saw that he had eaten eba, now slender, elongated white solids.

I couldn’t quite guess the soup.

Other students were shifting away, covering their noses and all, but I stood and came close, my eyes shuttling between the sick boy and his vomit.

I held myself not to kiss him.

I have lived with this strange passion for over twelve years now. Nothing has changed really.

The arousal had remained ever intense.

And people have continued to call me disgusting.

The only thing I would say might have changed is that I have discovered the name of my condition. It was very exciting to learn that I am not the only one.

There are others like me. Many other emetophiles.

Many others that find vomiting intensely erotic.

Something very remarkable happened last week. Something I never thought could ever happen to me.

Not on this part of the world.

I finally found a man that did not think me disgusting. A man that shared my passion. My fetish.

It had been…

This story was cut because majority of our editors voted it as Too Disgusting.

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10 Comments on “My Sick Passion”

  1. She is sick indeed.
    bt one man's meat is anoda man' poison.
    Dan is there a way u can post erotic stories like before by referring us so it wont appear on the blog. I hop u understand me?

  2. I understand you, Sekinat. We are currently trying to create a locked page for 'special' stories. Once that is up, we will announce it. Great thanks for the suggestion.

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