Dedication: My Miracle

by Fadeelat Adeyemi

I know you are expecting a miracle.

We all are.

In what form are you expecting your miracle?

I being alive today is a miracle.

And so is you being alive.

Whatever crisis, whatever battle, it’s not going to be forever.

My miracle could be in any form; it doesn’t have to be in a particular form.

It doesn’t need to take a particular shape.

SS, AS, AA—those are just letters.

We all hope.

We all pray.

The struggle is for everyone.

Some fraudster will deceive us one day, because they know we are desperate for a miracle.

They call us ogbanje.


But they are just ignorant.

Our miracle will come.

We don’t have to keep looking forward to it.

It’s on its way already.

My God is a miracle worker.

Meanwhile, let’s appreciate the ‘little’ other miracles we have.

You only visit the hospital, but you have not been having crisis for a while now.

That’s a miracle.

No severe crisis in the last six months?

That’s a miracle.

Just came out of one alive?

A great miracle.

Everyone has a challenge.

You manage yours, I manage mine.

Miracles don’t come in sizes; what you call little is big for others.

You may not know.

I cannot tell.

I appreciate my creator for my life.

Do you?

Dedicated to all sickle cell patients around the world, and others with similar conditions.
Whatever you might be going through… 

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11 Comments on “Dedication: My Miracle”

  1. One of the many miracles in my life is that i have never passed a night in a hospital, never tasted drip in my life! is this not a great miracle? Thank JEHOVAH for his mercies!!!!!!!!!

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