Why Don’t Men Like Their Ass Touched?

To most straight guys, the ass is a no-go area. Just steer clear. My front is all that matters and it is enough!

But now NJ writes that her ex-boyfriend had no problems with it:

My ex-boyfriend used to like it. Not every guy does, but a lot do. Some guys like their partners to use their tongue on their *** too, others like a finger inserted a little (or a lot). Enjoying a*** stimulation has nothing to do with who you’re attracted to.

Someone can feel free to correct me if I’m wrong, but I believe that stimulating the prostate gland (which you get to through your ***) makes for a pretty amazing orgasm for men, so it makes sense that some stimulation back there would make many men pretty happy.

Just go with it. Hopefully you have a partner who is open to a little experimentation, and you can learn and explore this area together.

Sunny, another woman, writes:

Yes, as long as the guy is willing to try. Some are very offensive about it because they’re afraid to be called gays. But that’s where guys’ G-spot is actually located.

Pascal writes:

I think it all depends on who’s doing it, when, and why…

For example: Your girlfriend, in bed, to please you = good. Your grandmother, in church, to see if you’re actually paying attention = Oh hell no!!!

C. L, a man, writes:

Well, I love it. I can’t speak for everyone, but it makes me way more intense and to last longer. You got to know how to massage the prostrate. It’s amazing. It feels pretty great too, but that’s another story.

Wolf Pack writes:

I like it. Do it while giving me a blow job and I definitely would not mind.

AU writes:

I love it!! Many guys love it…it’s just that Indian men and women do not talk that openly about their sexual interests. That said, it’s completely normal.. Go on 69 with her on your bed and you down… ask her to go further down on you too.

She will most definitely hit the balls; when there, catch the cue…make a hissing sound and you go for her…do exactly what you want her to do with yours…and see how she is liking it. When she’s all mad with pleasure, whisper to her, “Baby, go down some more.” And then guide her way by holding her head…

When your girl is right there, doing it, make sure you express yourself and tell her what to do…cuz remember, she will be doing it just for your own happiness, so it’s important you show it. All the best!!

Main writes:

Not letting no girl touch my flat ***, let alone tossing my salad!!!

Jessica writes:

My husband likes it when I touch his butt! But yea you got to stay away from the crack part. #Lol. They don’t like that at all. I guess it makes them feel gay for some reason.


Source: These responses were pulled up from the comment section of a Youtube video

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