7 Problems of Intelligent People

by Mark Howell

1. Relationship problems with friends and personal relationships:

A highly intelligent person may have problems with meeting new people for a variety of reasons. One is that most intelligent people are introverted as they are constantly thinking.

Average people act out-worldly while intelligent people act in-worldly. Intelligent people might find things that are interesting to them to be boring to others and vice versa. Average people love the latest trends, going to clubs, and amusement parks while intelligent people see these things as a waste of time.

It is even more difficult to maintain a personal relationship as finding a friend is nearly impossible and finding a good mate is even more difficult.

2. Depression:

An intelligent person may try to push themselves too far into reaching certain goals and if they don’t meet them, they become their worst critic. As for reasons from step 1, an intelligent person is an anomaly in this world and thus they may feel like an alien.

3. Social problems:

An intelligent person is creative with education. That might not make everyone happy as kids will bully anyone that is different than they are. Intelligent kids are ridiculed as teacher’s pets and are regularly exiled by the other kids. This can increase the difficulty in finding good people to socialize with.

4. Mental illness:

If someone has a brain disorder, like Autism for an example, the brain might not be able to maintain the IQ and EQ at the same time. That is why some very intelligent people can also be the most rude and annoying people that you will ever meet. Some of them may need to be hospitalized if they have severe illnesses like schizophrenia, sociopath tendencies, extreme bi polar disorder, severe Autism, etc.

5. A fear that you won’t change the world before you die:

Most intelligent people want to change the world a little bit so that others can see how they see before they are gone.

6. One must hide their intelligence in their regular life by 90%:

An intelligent person might be expected to know all of the answers constantly by their peers. If they do know the answers at school or work, they must hide it to avoid ridicule.

7. An intelligent person may feel as a robot, due to processing emotions more than other people.

We all are human, yet intelligent people tend to react to death and disaster like a robot would. That means analyzing the problem, offering comfort, then crying about it days later for a few hours. This can make that person seem uncaring by others.

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