Short Story: My Encounter with the Nurse

by Chad Oz

After having sex with the 4th girl of my young life at the time, I decided to get an STD check.

Not for any physical reasons, mostly for the emotional reassurance.

Anyways, I called my neighbour across the street who is 3 years older than me (basically like a big brother to me) and I told him that I made an appointment to get checked.

I asked him what it entailed.

He said it wasn’t anything too bad. He told me of his first time. They just did a sperm sample, swabbed his dick, checked his blood, and etc etc.

So I felt pretty prepared going in there a few days later. On my way to the clinic I was feeling pretty nervous to ejaculate in a cup but I reassured myself that it was going to be fine.

When I finally got there, an older lady called my name and handed me a clear cup. She escorted me to the restroom and said, “Please go in there.”

I was picturing more of a comfortable room where I could do my private thing of choking my chicken but I thought f*ck it, the bathroom will suffice.

I remember looking around for some pornographic material because my big-guy neighbour had said that they’d provide me with some but I was given nothing.

I remember thinking: “What the f*ck, this place just expects us to use our imagination?”

Disappointed, I said oh well, not like I haven’t used just my imagination once before.

So I began…yes… masturbating over the sink!

Anyways I remember amazingly rubbing one out pretty fast…almost too fast…so I thought that I’d wait in there an additional 10 minutes because I didn’t want the old nurse thinking I was some type of freak.

After waiting in there for what felt like an eternity I finally handed my semen-filled cup back to the old lady nurse who acted impatient and upset that I took so long.

I began following her down the hallway.

The woman set the cup on this desk table, looked at it, and then picked it up again. She sort of like jiggled the cup a little bit and then stopped, staring at me.

I held my breath as I looked at her face. I saw her expression move from confusion to sheer horror.

She turned to me and went, “Um, sir, what is this?”

I replied nothing.

She looked into the cup. “Your semen?”

I nodded.

“Young man, we only needed your urine!”

I will never forget the feeling that I had at that very moment. My face got red, I felt immediately hot, my legs weak. I just wanted to disappear with the air.

Because there was no shovel in sight for me to dig myself a large hole, I just smiled awkwardly and said to her: “Can’t you manage that?”

The old lady gave me a look. She shook the cup again before dropping it back on the table. “I sure can,” she said. “And with a quantity like this, you may have to come back later and offer us your services for a pay!”

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4 Comments on “Short Story: My Encounter with the Nurse”

  1. Nurses! Some of them can be funny. Simple get me a sample of your urine in this bottle would have sufficed,but no she totally embarrassed the poor guy.

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