Adorable! Little girl can’t stop swearing

A funny video has emerged of a three-year-old girl explaining to her aunt that she cannot stop ‘swearing’.

In the footage, shot last week in Essex, Lois says that after watching a movie she cannot stop saying the word ‘Pooh’ and explains that her parents can’t know about it.

The little girl’s aunt wrote online: ‘I decided to video her saying this “swear word” and then would have sent the video to her mum for a laugh BUT the “swear word” ended up being Pooh and she can’t help saying it, she has a serious swear word issue and the word is Pooh!’

In the humorous clip the youngster says: ‘I know it’s a swear word but… I can’t stop.’

When her aunt asked her what the forbidden word is, she replies: ‘Pooh’.

Make she come Warri and see wetin her mates dey swear with…




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