6 qualities of a good teacher

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It doesn’t matter what a teacher looks like – a good-hearted old lady or a fidgety graduate just out of the University. What really matters is that he or she should be in their own place. He or she should be competent, reasonable and capable of sharing knowledge with a student!

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1. A good teacher often asks questions and knows how to listen to the answers

A good teacher often asks questions, we can say that they are his or her main working tool. And these questions should always interest to some degree at least some part of the students. The teacher’s questions simply cannot be left without any attempt to answer, at least, in one’s mind.

2. A good teacher uses his or her idiosyncrasies for the benefit of the class


Such a teacher creates a special world for himself or herself where they look appropriate and natural and where the range of their normal reactions and emotions benefit academic process. During such a class the students normally tune to the teacher’s atmosphere.

3. A good teacher has a great sense of humor


Teaching could be compared to dancing on some level: it is known that dancing is best when it comes to preventing senility, as it requires a lot of urgent small moves needed to adapt to the partner. As a result, the brain works very hard. The work of a good teacher in the classroom is also a dance in a way, only with a dozen or more partners.

4. A good teacher is an adult person


A good teacher is not equal to his or her students, even if the age difference between them is only several years. The teacher should be way more mature. This should be manifested in their ability to take responsibility for the situation in the classroom, and in the case of primary school – for the long-term atmosphere in it.

5. A good teacher knows how to share the knowledge with proper emotions


First of all, it is goes without saying that the teacher is both competent and capable of expressing emotions. Moreover, a good teacher knows and loves his or her subject. Any information on its own has no special value and not remembered well. You will have to fall in love with physics first and only then learn it. In order to be able to convey emotions, you need to have empathy and be able to share the information in the language of the listener.

6. A good teacher does not think only in school categories

A good teacher will not assume that three years in the life of a teenager should be fully devoted to the preparation for the final exams. Such a teacher is okay with different shapes that school life can take. He or she understands that the unwillingness to learn can be explained by a variety of reasons. Not all of these reasons should be immediately eliminated. The teacher accepts the fact that not all the students love the school, their subject matter and their personally.

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