10 groups of commenters you see on social media

by Daniel Nkado

Ten groups of commenters you find on social media:

1. The Jokers

This group would want to make a joke out of anything. It doesn’t matter to them what the original post is about; they can even say something funny or drop funny GIFs and memes under an obituary post or a post about someone feeling suicidal.

2. The Bashers

This is a set of really angry people that never have anything nice to say. They are offended by just about anything. They will attack the poster with their angry comments so much that he or she may want to pull down the post. And only until then would they smile to themselves and feel victorious.

3. The Droolers

These are the OMG! people…mostly people who have a serious crush on the poster, so they use the opportunity to reinforce their chance of being noticed by being totally supportive.

4. The One-Liners

This group never drops anything too long they are meaningful. They are busy people who might not even have had the time to read the entire post…so you see comments like LOL, LMAO, under a post about a lost pet. They also use emojis a lot.

5. The Advertisers

This group only have one purpose in mind and that is to sell their products. They sell soaps, creams, cotton wool or even stock fish. You see them a lot in sponsored posts.

6. The Reporters

These are the extended cousins of the bashers; but unlike them they don’t just ‘bash’, they hit the report button as well. They are the reason you always get banned on Facebook.

7. The Beggars

This is one group of unserious people who turn every post into an avenue to beg for something: They beg for money, birthday likes, clothes or followership. You see them a lot in celebrity pages.

8. The First-Timers

This group will always leave a comment that makes you question their age. You can also call them the confusers. Their comments rarely make sense and most times will in no way relate to the original post.

9. The Teachers

These are the unofficial professors on social media. They use every opportunity they get to teach, correct grammar and enlighten. They are very helpful in magic posts, because only them will explain how the whole thing was done.

10. The News Breakers

This group always drop a breaking news under every post; their second grandmother might have just died or their ex is having a wedding with an ugly person.


Tell us in your comments below the group you fall into!

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  1. Absolutely correct. However, only a few commentators would be serious for the things that they want to discuss.
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